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If you’re a doctor looking to use the best EMR software, you may be wondering whether UroChart or TherapyNotes is right for you. These programs provide similar features, but they differ in several key ways. TherapyNotes offers a more robust notes feature, with specialty note templates to help you create customized treatment plans, psychological evaluations, progress notes, and much more. Users can organize their notes with the use of checkboxes and autofill notes fields.


UroChart is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) software designed specifically for urologists. It has a user-friendly interface and offers useful features like customizable templates and flowcharts. The system also supports medical billing. It also has a multi-user interface and offers technical support.

TherapyNotes also has a convenient calendar view. It allows users to customize calendar views for individual patients, selected practice locations, recurring appointments, and billing schedules. It also allows clients to request appointments online. It can also generate automated appointment reminders and send them by email.

The best EMR software also comes with specialized features for more than 100 specialties. Its integrated platform makes it possible to integrate all aspects of practice into one system. For example, a doctor can access patient records across multiple departments in a single location. Practice can also customize its workflow by customizing the EMR software. The software also offers a record-keeping module that helps create clinical charts and capture charges. It also enables physicians to start insurance claims and prescriptions based on the patient’s chart. Another feature is the ability to select a preferred pharmacy for a patient.

Another important feature of EMR software is its ability to integrate with the lab. Urologists need to be able to import test results quickly, and they need to be able to customize test orders for their patients. The software must also be compatible with urology reports and devices.


UroChart is an EHR software designed specifically for urology practices. It offers features such as patient engagement, electronic medical records, insurance eligibility checks, and mobile access. It also focuses on aligning integrated operations to improve patient care and optimize workflows. The company is privately held but has more than 850,000 healthcare professionals in 20 countries. It competes with eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD EHR, and NextGen Healthcare EHR.

eClinicalWorks is widely used and boasts a considerable market share. This software is used by more than 850,000 healthcare professionals, and has a customer base of more than 130,000 physicians and other healthcare workers. The main objective of eClinicalWorks is to provide physicians with a single, comprehensive platform for all their practice management, revenue cycle, and EHR needs. Its centralized database makes it easy for physicians to access patient and practice information and eliminates errors. eClinicalWorks has unique features that separate it from other EHR solutions.

UroChart is a highly rated EHR for urologists. Its advanced features can help physicians draft more effective treatment plans. It also supports multi-user access, e-prescriptions, and appointment scheduling. In addition, the system integrates with medical billing, document scanners, and data capture features. Its intuitive touch-screen navigation speeds up clinical processes.


Both of these programs feature powerful patient notes features. Both programs offer a customizable note template for each specialization. This helps therapists create individualized treatment plans, psychological evaluations, and progress notes. The software also has checkboxes and auto-fill features that make note creation and organization easy.

TherapyNotes also features a calendar view. You can customize the calendar to fit specific patients and practice locations. You can also set up recurring appointments for each patient. The calendar also allows you to keep track of billing schedules. In addition, it can allow clients to make appointments online. The software also allows you to set up automatic appointment reminders for your patients and staff. You can choose to pay a small fee for this service, or you can sign up for a free trial.

UroChart has powerful clinical features that help urologists balance administrative and clinical tasks. The software is easy to use, and it also features a patient portal. The software also integrates with multiple faculties, including medical billing, appointment scheduling, and document scanning. It also features a Cubixx inventory system, which allows physicians to keep track of patients’ medications and dispensing information. It also offers multi-user functionality and technical support.


Despite the similarities between the two EMR software solutions, DrChrono offers some notable differences. First, it includes all necessary features and functionality in all its plans. In addition, it includes a built-in coding library. This allows providers to code diagnoses easily, and the software also locks notes for billing. Secondly, it offers both in-house billing and outsourced billing capabilities. Lastly, it offers a robust feature set, including integration with telehealth.

DrChrono features a mobile EHR app, but it does not have a free version for Android or iOS. Also, it only offers customer support during certain hours. On the plus side, its success representatives offer personal attention to customers and help them navigate the EHR climate. In addition, it is suitable for small and large healthcare providers.

DrChrono EHR can also be used for telehealth. This can help increase face-to-face time with patients. Furthermore, it offers tools for physical therapy care plans automation. It also has an iPad-based app that allows clinicians to work side-by-side with patients. The app also lets clinicians annotate directly on images or video, and it supports secure video conferencing.

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