Centricity EMR Software and Its Features!

Centricity EMR Software

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Centricity EMR Software is a cloud-based solution from GE Healthcare. Its integration with other external systems offers seamless interoperability while reducing the need for IT resources. This article will discuss the key features of Centricity and how you can benefit from this healthcare IT solution.

GE Healthcare Centricity EMR is a cloud-based solution:

GE Healthcare has rolled out its new cloud-based EMR, GE Healthcare Centricity, which uses software developed by its recently acquired MedPlexus Inc. The software offers a comprehensive set of clinical, financial, and administrative functions. It also allows physicians to view patient data from a variety of locations. As a result, it simplifies daily housekeeping tasks and improves clinicians’ access to patient information.

The Centricity EMR system is designed for larger practices and can be used on mobile devices and tablets. It can also integrate with medical imaging systems. Its user-friendly interface enables doctors and staff to view and update patient records with just a few clicks. It also includes a patient portal that makes it easy for patients to access important information.

Centricity EMR was developed with the goal of integrating patient records with healthcare providers’ practice management systems and websites. It has embedded reports for meaningful use and has already been certified as a complete EHR by CCHIT(r)**. Centricity also enables healthcare professionals to share and store clinical knowledge among themselves.

It integrates with external systems:

Whether you’re looking for a complete electronic health record (EMR) system or a standalone system, Centricity offers an integrated solution to fit your needs. The software’s customizable features and flexible integrations allow you to automate processes, streamline reports, and boost staff productivity. The software’s self-service portal lets patients and physicians manage appointments remotely, manage their health records, and send email alerts. The company also provides phone support, Monday through Friday, during business hours. Its online service portal provides an open forum for sharing product knowledge with other Centricity users.

GE Centricity also integrates with OnBase Medical Records Management Solution, making it easy for clinicians to access patient records. These integrations simplify daily housekeeping tasks and provide secure information sharing between the two systems. In a hospital, there are many different systems, and employees need to use a number of them to accomplish their daily tasks.

Centricity EMR is designed for seamless integration with third-party medical systems. This means that the software is flexible enough to grow with your practice. It also supports dictation and code mapping, making it easy to collaborate with other medical staff. GE provides support to help you implement the integrations so you can achieve a smooth workflow.

It offers seamless interoperability:

Centricity EMR is a medical records management solution that offers seamless interoperability. It integrates with disparate hospital systems and can import and export lab results, transcriptions, and radiology images. Its flexible interface is easy to use and customize. It also offers easy online support for its clients.

Centricity integrates with OnBase Medical Records Management Solution, a cloud-based solution that helps healthcare organizations manage records and share relevant information. OnBase combines seamlessly with Centricity EMR, simplifying housekeeping tasks and ensuring secure information sharing. Hospital staff members depend on multiple systems on a daily basis. GE Centricity is one of them.

Centricity EMR Software is built to be highly configurable and flexible. It provides clinical and financial management applications that help streamline physician workflows. GE Centricity EMR is a comprehensive electronic health records solution that can be adapted to fit any practice. Its interoperability capabilities are a great benefit for large healthcare organizations.

It reduces the need for IT resources:

Centricity EMR Software helps medical practices cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain hardware and software. It also eliminates the need to hire additional IT resources and pay them monthly. The software is digital, so there’s no need for repairs. It also reduces the amount of paperwork involved with patient care.

Centricity’s software enables users to provide the right patient information to doctors at the appropriate point of care. The software also allows clinicians to track patient data and compare it to industry standards. It also streamlines data entry and patient encounter recording, including dictation support. It also has built-in code mapping, which eliminates the need for manual searching.

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The cost of Centricity and NextGen EMR Software varies. NextGen is less expensive upfront, but it reaches more clinicians in more places. Centricity EMR Software can be used by practices of any size. It also integrates with practice management and revenue cycle management solutions. It can also improve provider efficiency. Another notable feature is the ability to transcribe voice notes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Centricity EMR Software is a cloud-based solution that offers a wide range of features designed to streamline healthcare practices. Its seamless integration with external systems and interoperability capabilities make it an excellent choice for large healthcare organizations. The software’s user-friendly interface, patient portal, and flexible integrations allow for improved productivity and easy management of patient records.

Centricity also reduces the need for IT resources, which can help medical practices cut costs. Overall, Centricity EMR Software is a comprehensive electronic health records solution that can be adapted to fit any practice, and its benefits make it a top choice for healthcare providers looking for an efficient and effective solution.

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