Which EHR, NextGen EHR VS Experity EHR best meets your needs?

EHR VS Experity

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Consider the features and functionality EHR VS Experity as with any company software solutions. The tool must support your team’s procedures, workflows, information demands, and requirements. Based on some of the most crucial and essential Medical Billing features, we’ve compared NextGen EHR Vs. Experity EHR to assist you in making this assessment.

NextGen EHR VS Experity EHR, An overview:

NextGen EHR is an award-winning, cloud-based EHR that makes life simple for your clinic and patients. With specialty-specific EHR data, a convenient patient portal, and a revenue-cycle management system all on one integrated platform,

Experity EHR is a cloud-based technology that enables healthcare professionals and providers to streamline complete clinical processes, controlling every facet of everyday operations from patient registration to discharge. It enhances clinical performance and delivers a better patient experience with the addition of practice management, electronic medical records, and medical billing.

Software Features comparison – NextGen Vs. Experity:

To assist practices in accurately identifying treatment gaps and creating clinical and financial value, NextGen EHR analytics tools enable population health management and risk stratification.

  • Appointment Management
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Document Management
  • EM Coding
  • Insurance and Claims
  • Lab Integration
  • Medical Templates
  • Patient History
  • Patient Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Voice Recognition
  • e-Prescription

Key Features of Experity

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Charting
  • E-Prescribing
  • Patient Records Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Portal
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Claims Management
  • Teleradiology
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Engagement

Benefits of adopting software? NextGen VS Experity:

The NextGen Enterprise EHR provides telehealth integration, streamlined processes, and clinical content that can be customized for your practice. With NextGen Mobile, the smartphones of your providers function as an extension of your EHR, which helps you save time. On-premise choices are also available, but managed cloud hosting keeps your practice secure and simplifies upgrades.

Enhance the effectiveness and quality of treatment delivery:

Our comprehensive clinical solutions, which you can tailor to your practice, will free you from administrative stress and enable you to provide high-quality, individualized care. Automate patient intake, simplify clinical processes, and use vendor-neutral interoperability to help you meet quality standards and be eligible for rewards.

Enhanced communication and outreach:

Provide free integration with ZocDoc, text and email appointment reminders, direct messaging, e-faxing, and virtual visits.


Cloud-based and platform-neutral: Touchscreen-capable, ONC-certified, and HIPAA-compliant; works with any tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

Better workflows with integrated capabilities:

A web-based EHR with e-prescribing, connectivity to significant labs, a dashboard showing the state of the room, consolidated patient data, billing, and reporting can improve workflows.

Fully integrated PM and clearinghouse:

Simplify billing procedures and employ RCM services to enhance staffing and claim denial control.

Simple reporting and analytics:

Enhanced practice-wide financial analytics, business intelligence, and MACRA/MIPS reporting compliance.

Experity EHR has been designed exclusively for on-demand and urgent care providers of all sizes and specializations, including occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care. Thousands of doctors and clinics are served nationwide by it.

Digital Workflow:

To save time, eliminate paper-based processes by setting up appointments, charting, and documenting electronically.

Revenue Growth:

By digitizing operations, reducing errors, and improving caregiving standards, revenue growth can be achieved.

Transparency in data storage:

Use a secure cloud-based system to store critical patient and operational data.


Use a HIPPA-certified system to secure sensitive data and meet meaningful use guidelines.

Better Patient Communication:

Promote openness and improved communication with patients by providing access to necessary data, a treatment plan, past information, scheduled visits, and more through a dedicated patient portal. Automated reminders for appointments and prescription refills should be sent.

Price comparison- NextGen EHR VS Experity EHR:

If administrative tasks are decreased with the help of a NextGen clinical solid care system, clinical personnel will have more time to concentrate on patients and give them the treatment they require. Three main programs are available, with varied costs for doctors and nurses.

  • It is recommended that part-time doctors and nurses use MediTouch EHR/PM (doctors pay $379 per provider per month; nurses pay $299 per provider per month) if they submit up to 100 claims per month.
  • MediTouch EHR/PM 400 costs $499 per provider per month for doctors and $399 per provider per month for nurses. It is intended for physicians and nurses who submit up to 400 claims.
  • MediTouch EHR/PM Unlimited is available for purchase by medical professionals ($549 per provider per month; nurses). pay $449 per provider per month) if they want an unlimited plan for claims. 

The platform’s users can access tools for managing claims, scheduling appointments, and determining patient eligibility. For example, using a real-time eligibility tool, you can ask the patient for their insurance data, verify their coverage specifics, and discover more about their insurance plan. It is also possible to book appointments using a drag-and-drop calendar method to span numerous hours, days, or even the calendar of another service provider.

Experity EHR withholds its price details from the general public. Offers a subscription-based service. Meanwhile, reviewers claim that Experity is more expensive than NextGen Healthcare.  NextGen Enterprise EHR’s TCO is greater than Experity’s.

Users feedback -NextGen Vs. Experity:

NextGen offers an intuitive patient interface, a claims clearinghouse, and a fully integrated practice management solution with specialized content. With simple functions that fit into provider workflows and are available anywhere, it is made to facilitate doctor and staff workflows. The software has a learning curve at first, according to reviews. However, they could become accustomed to the system with the help of films and training. Some users reported experiencing consistently poor performance during periods of high activity. Support groups can be hard to locate and take their time to answer.

Experity EHR is a comprehensive clinical operations system that on-demand healthcare professionals laud for its user-friendly design and intuitive user interface. Its clear documentation, setup, and onboarding procedures are important reasons users recommend it. On the other hand, getting in touch with customers and product assistance is complex.

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Final Thought:

Experity EHR and NextGen both offer the same number of features. Experity’s regular clients include both small and large businesses, as well as medium and small firms. By the requirements of your practice, NextGen offers NextGen Office to small practices and NextGen Enterprise to large conventions. However, to gain a thorough impression of the software’s usefulness, we suggest you watch both programs’ demos and read user evaluations.

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