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Working from home can be pretty monotonous. While working offline, the small breaks, team bonding, and work spirit were some of the things which made us all work hard. But working from home is often no motivation or willpower to get out of that cosy blanket to work at the cluttered home desk.

Organisations are trying their best to keep the morale up through team sessions in the form of game nights or mind-busting escape rooms events. But regardless of how engaging these experiences might be, people also quickly get drained out of the energy boost it provides to them. The truth is, while arranging for such team events is good for a mental health break, it is also important to ensure that working from home is made as efficient and easy for people as possible. And the tech sector has come through with some amazing innovations to make that happen. Let’s take a look at the top 10 technologies which could transform your WFH experience radically!

10 New Technologies Set to Revolutionize Working from Home
10 New Technologies Set to Revolutionize Working from Home

Top 10 Technologies To Revolutionize the Work from Home Experience

Many of these technologies would help you and your team by increasing productivity and providing an escape from reality:

1.     Holographic Meetings

While having a meeting online, the children running at the back of the kitchen work taking place can be awkward. To transform your meeting experiences, a Swiss Start-up introduces holographic meetings, which creates a real-time holographic version of everyone in the team with the help of special equipment and cameras.

2.     On the Road Office

Nisan has recently launched office on-wheel options. Like the American sitcom The Office, the vehicle is designed with all the amenities to make up have an enjoying and productive time with your team anywhere on the road. You can roll down the seats, take out the computers and set up a working space or can just relax with your team after a tiring day.

3.     Working Pods

After the success of sleeping pods, the working pods are a great space to have time to yourself for working. The pods are futuristic, spacious, and lightweight. The full battery and solar setup are a great addition. You can fit your working table and have a productive time working. 

4.     Virtual Reality Meetings

With Arthur, you can host a completely virtual reality meeting. The light blue arms are designed to detect the movement of the body so that you don’t fall back while working. With everyone wearing eyeglasses and a mic, you can enjoy the fun of live meetings.

5.     On the move office

A special car has been designed for the distant offices. With a large, open-spaced container with full-sized windows, this is the perfect vehicle to accommodate 20 passengers.

6.     Driverless Deliveries

The automated deliveries help the employees get delivery of their belongings without leaving home. Transportation has been made much easier with the help of this vehicle.

7.     Holograms on Desk

You can have 3D video calls and add a sense of realism to your work with the help of AR or VR with these desks. 

8.     Internet

The importance of the internet is work from home is precious. With the help of this technology, satellites may provide net speed to people anywhere on the planet. Hundreds of these satellites have been set up, and maybe next time, you could just work out of the Sahara Desert! 

9.     Facebook Virtual Office

The Facebook virtual office is a space that is designed with special equipment like a headset to make the work-from-home experience more real and interesting. This is beneficial for remote workers who love to travel and work.

10.  Al DJs

Created by Sensorium and Mubert, this new DJ can customize the music according to the moods of the user. Music plays an important role in changing your mood and increasing your productivity. And hence, this is a great tool to boost productivity levels. These were some of the tools which have been designed and will be launched soon in the market to jazz up the work-from-home experience. So, check these out and save up for the ones you think can make your WFH life easier! 

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