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The most dominant tech name in the market. Apart from giving the world a powerful search engine, Google also has an equally brilliant emailing service that offers a wide range of filters and features for users to explore.

Gmail is one of the biggest names in the market and since it comes from Google, the security features are out of this world. One can check for almost everything.

Read this blog till the end to know how to check the activity of the devices where your Google account is being accessed. Here is how one can check to see other devices that are logged in to Your Google account.

How to View Devices that have Accessed Your Account?

Google offers the brilliant option of “recently used devices” that further allows the users to view the specific device that was used to access the Google account. One can make use of this feature from the sign-in and security account section from the account settings page of your Google.

To add to that, one can simply click on any specific device to learn more about the device history for their Google account. Details such as locations, information related to IP addresses, and the most recent time when the Google account was used.

If you want to know more about the IP addresses that are mentioned just above, follow the next section.

IP Addresses for Google Sign-in Activity

One of the many brilliant features that Google offers is the ability to check the IP addresses that have accessed your Google account. In case you are looking forward to accessing this feature, simply click on Gmail and click on the details link that is available in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Once you have done this, the page will simply offer you information such as the multiple locations that your account was logged in from, the type of device used to access the account, the IP addresses of every specific device along with the exact time at which the login happened.

In case any IP address comes off as shady or something suspicious, make sure to look into it and make sure that it is nothing serious. It can be the use of a Gmail app or it can be that someone has access to your account, someone that you do not know. For this Google also has a feature by the name of “show an alert for unusual activity”, where Google will simply inform you in case it feels that something is wrong with the logins that have happened in the past.

The best way to Sign out of all devices for your Google account is to either change the password or make use of the feature that comes with the same name. This way, you can ensure that your account is not in the wrong hands and nobody unknown has access to your personal information.

And that is it. This is all that one needs to know about the sign-in activity for their Google account. We hope that this write-up has all the answers that you Googled your way to us.

In case you need any more info or have any other doubts about the same or anything related to Google, make use of the help center of Google or you can direct yourself to the website of Emailspedia to get all the answers that you are seeking in the first place with relative ease.

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