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Although pests aren’t something we’d generally panic about, it doesn’t mean we should overlook them. After all, they’re tedious for carrying diseases and chewing through almost everything, ruining any building’s structural integrity, such as roof. Plus, these pests will scare off your customers once seen.

So pest infestation is no laughing matter regardless of the scale. From negatively impacting sanitation, and unwanted roof repair, to risking safety inside living spaces, take them seriously! You should especially check into your roofing system, as pests are famous for wreaking havoc on roofs. We are your local certified powerpestcontrol Toronto experts providing fast, safe, and effective pest control services for the Greater Toronto Area.

But if you’re looking to maintain the optimal condition of your roofing system, pay attention to signs of trouble and address them immediately. To make it easy, here are seven signs of pest roofing system destruction:

1. Visible Structural Damage inside the Attic

A telltale sign of a pest infestation is structural damage on the roof. So, if you’re exploring your attic and see things like scratches on the floor or walls, you’re likely facing one. Besides that, watch out for random holes and gnaw marks in and out of your roof.

Termites are the most dangerous roof-invading bugs you should be concerned about! After all, most roofing systems have a wooden internal structure, making them a haven for termites. And we all know that these pests thrive on wood.

If you don’t take action, they will weaken your building’s support over time—causing massive damage.

Visible Structural Damage inside the Attic 

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2. Damaged/Weakened Wooden Structures

Being aware of your wooden structures is crucial, as termites are among the most destructive pests you encounter on a roof. They dine on wood, causing structural damage to the entire building—making it unsafe. So, remember to oversee the wood on your property to check for termite damage.

Ideally, you need to look for holes on wooden structures or wood that sound hollow when hit or tapped. Aside from that, discarded wings nearby wooden window sills are a surefire sign indicating termite infestation.

Finally, you may also find tanned fecal pellets resembling sawdust when dealing with a pest infestation.

3. Droppings Everywhere

A common sign of pest infestation is the presence of droppings throughout the attic. These consist of small pieces of fecal and urine stains. Luckily, as tiny as most pests are, their droppings are relatively easy to find as they aren’t as small as you think!

On the other hand, it’s a different tale if you’re dealing with pests like insects. You must thoroughly check your roof and attic to verify if the droppings present are of an insect. It’s easy to mistake them for dirt or dust due to their small size.

4. Damaged Plants

If you have plants in your attic and noticed some damage on either their leaves or stem, you’re likely facing a pest infestation. Generally, damaged plants are the telltale sign of an insect infestation, as most feed off greens. Fortunately, these are easy to spot as bugs usually leave tiny mark bites on the plants.

Damaged Plants

Photo credit: Fuzzy Gerdes

5. Nests

Pests, specifically birds and rodents, naturally create nests in safe and private areas. Unfortunately, these pests can be incredibly crafty, using anything they can get their hands on to make a sturdy yet comfortable nest.

6. Unusual Odor and Sounds

There are a few recognizable odors that pests emit. For instance, bed bugs usually exhibit a musty yet lovely smell, while cockroaches are famous for having an oily fragrance. On the other hand, larger pests like mice give a musty and urine-like smell, resembling ammonia.

Besides that, paying attention to the smell of garbage is crucial as this can attract more pests. So, remember to keep an ear out when doing your checks! But don’t forget to keep your steps light and quick to avoid scarring the pests.

Also, you may want to check behind the attic walls and under floorboards, as you’d be able to hear the patter of these pests’ feet easily. If not, some may scratch, gnaw, squeak, or scurry throughout your roofing system.


7. Common Pests in Commercial Roofs

Common Pests in Commercial Roofs

To understand which pests might be residing on your roof, here are some of the most common ones encountered in commercial roofing systems:


Like traditional homes, commercial properties may also experience rodent infestations. Whether young mice or aggressive rats, these pests can be detrimental to your structure’s overall safety and integrity.

Generally, rodents are most active when the sun sets, chewing almost everything they see. This is how they keep their teeth in good shape.


Wood-loving insects adore living in roofing systems due to their wood base. Unfortunately, most buildings have a wooden foundation or framing, making their roofs a haven for these pests. For instance, carpenter ants prefer moist wood. So, if you have a leaking roof, don’t be surprised if you have an infestation on hand.


Birds are notorious for invading public spaces, including commercial buildings! These pests can turn any roof into their thriving homes, and though harmless, they can be detrimental to your structure. After all, birds may cause water damage if their nests suddenly get stuck in your gutters.

Moreover, a bird’s droppings are also acidic, spreading diseases. Aside from that, your clients may find the birds bothersome as they may also add to noise pollution.

Call your local pest control immediately if you spot a bird’s nest on your roof! If not available, a roofing contractor can also help by removing these nests and making the needed roof repairs.


As cute as a possum is, these pests can keep any guest or employee awake at night. You can spot them by looking for grunting, hissing, growling, and screeching throughout your roofing system. But never remove these pests yourself. Hire a professional to get rid of them without harming them—or the environment!


Be vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for these signs of pest infestation on a roof. After all, not only will these munch through your roof, but they’ll also invade your walls and plumbing system. Aside from that, these pests might hurt your reputation, driving potential leads away. 

So, be active and watch out for the telltale signs pests are damaging your roof!

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