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Escape rooms have now become a worldwide sensation, with people of all age groups deriving fun and enjoyment from the thrill of the chase. Stuck in a room with no escape, these games require teams to work together to solve tricky puzzles and riddles that lead them out of the game room! 

During my recent visit to an escape room near me, I found one of my teammates wearing heels, which soon enough reduced her mobility inside the game room. It held her back from remaining consistent in solving the puzzles inside the escape rooms. Be it your first time or not visiting an escape room, make sure to keep these few fashion tips in your mind as you get ready for the game:  

1. Are your pants breathable enough?  

One of the foremost things that you need to keep in mind while you dress for your escape room game is that the game is surely not a place to show off your new high-fashioned clothes! Thus, ensure that you pick some comfortable yet good-looking clothes for you to wear to the escape rooms.  

Tight-fitted pants tend to restrict your mobility inside the escape rooms, and thus it is better for you to avoid wearing such clothes. Instead, you can choose your joggers or sweatpants to wear to the escape rooms! Wearing track pants can also be a good way to get ready for an escape room game. Such clothes will help you to take the stress off your pants and allow you to concentrate on the game better!  

2. A good pair of sneakers say win!  

It is always advisable to go for close-toed shoes for any game involving players indulging in any form of physical activity. Since the escape room games also involve physical activity, the same applies here too! It is best for players to wear shoes that offer them a strong and sturdy grip as they might need to run around in the escape rooms.  

Also, you must choose those shoes that fit on your feet comfortably. You do not want to end up having your feet sore even before the game has reached its climax, right? Most escape room players tend to wear sneakers, as it helps them enjoy the thrill of the escape rooms without any hindrance. 

3. Get yourself comfortable tops to wear! 

Apart from choosing your shoes and pants, the next important thing to choose is your top. Escape rooms these days mostly have a central air conditioning system in place. But even then, wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable is the best way to visit the escapades.  

When you choose your clothes in this way, you can then remain comfortable even as you run all around the escape room in the quest for riddles and clues. Wearing loose and comfortable t-shirts or shirts can be the best way to dress for an escape room challenge. Loose clothes allow you greater flexibility when you try to reach for higher or even lower places inside the game room.   

4. Say a strict no to accessories! 

An escape room is not a place to show how much jewelry or fancy accessories you own. Even though wearing simplistic jewelry or accessories might seem okay, big and chunky accessories are things that you should not wear to an escape room game.  

Say a strict no to accessories

Furthermore, for players who have long hair, it is advisable that alongside keeping an eye on what to wear to an escape room, they should also keep in mind to either braid their hair or tie it up in a ponytail so that their hair does not get in the way of your game!   

5. Wear contact lenses instead of your spectacles.  

This is for people who have to wear their spectacles. While wearing contact lenses instead of your regular spectacles is not a mandatory process, it can, however, be a good option. It will help you to make it easier for you to see inside the escape room game.  

Especially when it comes to playing an escape room game, having a clear vision of your surroundings is essential. As a player, you need to remain mindful of your surroundings while you search for clues in every nook and corner of the room!  


Escape room games are one of the best ways to spend your day out with friends, family, or even colleagues. They allow you to nurture a sense of open-mindedness and help you to inculcate a positive team working capability.  

It does not matter whether you win or lose in the escape room challenge; instead, what matters is whether you have fun playing the game or not. So, keeping the above fashion tips in mind, get ready to head on to an escape room game near you!  

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