DNA certified

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Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), which enforces DNA Certified, guarantees that turf is genetically pure and meets the highest standards. DNA certification on DNA-certified turf means that the turf is authentic and has not been altered from its original creation.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is easily identified by its black and gold stamp with an “original breeder guaranteed” tick of approval. A Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to confirm that you have received genuine Sir Walter from authentic sellers like Sydney Lawn And Turf.

10-Year Turf Warranty

LSA offers a nationwide 10-year warranty on its products, further demonstrating its faith in DNA Certified Sir Walter grass. This warranty is available regardless of the size of your turf purchase.

Genetic Assured Purity

Sir Walter DNA, like all our varieties of turf, has been approved by AusGAP. You can rest assured that this turf variety has been approved by AusGAP.

This variety is produced and delivered to the highest industry standards. You can be sure that your turf is as clean as our service, and is of the highest quality.

How can you tell if your Sir Walter Turf has been certified?

Turf certification ensures the quality of the turf and guarantees that it is produced and delivered to industry standards.

You may have heard of Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass. How do you find out if your Sir Walter turf has been certified?

Let’s First Look At Why A Turf Certification is Important…

Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalograss has been in existence for over 20 years.

It is still the most popular lawn in Australia, with over 75 million m2 of Sir Walter DNA Certified turf.

Most importantly, you might have chosen Sid Walter because of its durability in self-repair and ability to withstand various climate conditions. It also requires very little maintenance.

These characteristics make a good investment. Right?

Correct! AKA Certified is valid as long as the product is authentic.

What Does It Mean To Have Turf Certified?

AusGAP was created for Australia’s top turf producers to ensure that consumers have the assurance that their turf meets stringent quality standards.

The AusGap Turf certification system ensures that a variety of grass is genetically pure. It also guarantees that all production and delivery processes are conducted to the highest industry standards while maintaining safety and environmental standards.

AusGAP states that to obtain Certification, a variety of turf must:

Be true to your type (with genetic purity).

To be visually free from disease, weeds, and/or pest harm, you must pass a pre-harvest inspection.

At harvest, be free from any foreign varieties.

How to check the authenticity of the DNA-certified turf?

It takes a long time to develop a new species of turf. Many factors must be documented in detail in order for it to be registered. These include breeding history, leaf shape, and color, as well as the length of the internodes.

Specific characteristics, such as drought resistance and shade tolerance, must also be supported.

After turf is certified, it can then be licensed to turf growers, who must plant it on soil that is properly sterilized, which has been free from pests, weeds, and foreign turf varieties.

The turf is subject to at least four inspections from the grower and two inspections each by an AusGAP representative as it grows.

In Australia, this means that only AustraliaGAP Accredited Turf Farms will be granted a license to cultivate these certified varieties.


In conclusion, DNA-certified turf is a game-changer for the turfgrass industry, providing an innovative approach to ensure high-quality and genetically pure grass for landscaping and athletic fields. This technology not only guarantees the genetic identity of the turf but also offers improved resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stresses.

DNA-certified turf offers many benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, improved playability, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. It’s important to note that while DNA certification can improve turf quality, proper installation and maintenance are still essential to ensuring the longevity and performance of the turf. By choosing DNA-certified turf and working with a reputable installer, homeowners and sports field managers can enjoy a beautiful and durable turf surface for years to come.

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