Corn Snake

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Corn snakes are a moderately sized non venomous snake (growing to be around 3-5 feet in the wild) that sport a distinctive reddish, orange, and black look. Due to their size, well-known disposition, these snakes make for popular pets. However, if you are familiar with the ownership of any non-traditional pets, you know that there may be the occasional practical or legal obstacle that should be considered before purchasing one. This article seeks to address such concerns.

Legality of Corn Snakes

When seeking to own any type of exotic animal, it is important to read up on the legality of owning and breeding them. Local and federal laws can differ, and you would not want to find yourself experiencing any sudden issues with trying to keep a particular animal in an area that you want to move to.

While corn snakes are completely harmless and non-venomous, there may be some restrictions on the ownership of these animals based on where you live. In the US, they are legal to own virtually anywhere except for Hawaii, which has a total snake ban. In some countries such as New Zealand or Iceland, however, snakes are completely illegal to own.

Corn Snake Temperament

Thankfully, one of the reasons that corn snakes are relatively unrestricted is because of general responsible pet ownership and their winning temperaments. Corn snakes are known to be docile, easy to handle pets that have low-key, undemanding personalities. As long as your snake has been properly socialized throughout its life and has all its needs met, it should thrive among its human companions. If you want a pet that can chill in one spot for hours, and that you know is going to behave consistently when handled, corn snakes may just be right for you.

Corn Snake Checklist

If you are researching corn snakes for sale, it may be a good idea to run a short, basic checklist by yourself to ensure that keeping this kind of animal is possible for you.

●       Do I have the space for a 10-40 gallon enclosure?

●       Does my living situation allow for this kind of pet?

●       Am I able to provide the level of environment control (humidity/temperature) it needs?

●       Can I feed it three times a month?

●       Am I prepared to take it to the vet at least once a year for an annual checkup?

While this is by no means all that should be considered before determining whether or not it is feasible to keep a corn snake, it is a good start. If you feel like you may be lacking in any of the above factors, you will always have the opportunity to improve things before eventually purchasing a pet.

Wrapping Up

Overall, corn snakes make for excellent pets. While you shouldn’t have any issues on the legal side of things, it is certainly worth researching your local laws to ensure that you can keep one. As long as you have done your homework and the prep work to make sure that your snake will be happy and healthy as soon as you bring it home, you should be well on your way to enjoying many years with your new companion.

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