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It is not enough to merely shower your canine friend with love! After all, your pet needs care and maintenance. And it is always advisable to consult a professional dog groomer who is equipped with the know-how to carry out the process of ‘grooming’. It’s not to say that you can’t groom your dog single-handedly but only a groomer can accomplish multiple tasks like styling and washing the fur, brushing the teeth, trimming the nails and more with equal elan.

Before you decide to hire a groomer with substantial experience and knowledge, read the basics.

What are chunkers, blenders and thinners used for dog grooming?

Usually, ‘chunkers’ have large T-shaped teeth on one edge of the shear that allow the hair to be pushed through the cutting blade. In doing so, the coat wears a much softer and natural look. For heavy and curly coats that require easy and even cuts, chunkers are the best choice (Especially for double coats like Shelties and Rough Collies). You can also use full-bladed scissors for underlines, the head region, legs, and ears, near the tail, and few adjoining portions around the eyes and face.

On the other hand, ‘thinners or double thinners have teeth on each of the edge and will work supremely well for bulk thinning purposes. To remove hair that lies close to the skin or rough wavy coats, these scissors are the most popular pick. Dog owners find thinners extremely effective for removing small hair from fluffy ears. Overusing scissors can however result in patchiness of the coat and balding. Hence, caution must be exercised.

Often called ‘blending shears’ or ‘blenders’, blending scissors are best meant for blending the coat and softening hair present around the ears and face. To smooth clipper lines and impart a natural texture to the coat, blenders with more teeth will remove more hair. For optimum results, using a ¼” to ½” from the hair tips and over the comb will result in consistency in the cuts.

What are the main differences between chunkers, thinners and blenders?

There are some subtle differences between chunkers and blenders.

While the double-bladed thinning scissors are perfect for thinning extremely thick hair, owing to the teeth on both sides, blenders however act best as softeners. Blenders can be utilized when cuts need to be made at least ¼” to ½” away from the hair tips. These help in removing all such hair in every cut than any double-bladed thinners. For a more seamless finish, it is recommended to use blenders. Contrary to these two, chunkers are the ideal choice for texturizing or finishing a coat and remove all such scissor marks that occur while the grooming process is in progress. These usually possess very large ‘T’ shaped teeth and look like a fishtail in shape.

While the differences between chunkers and blenders are known to most, almost all these shears are called thinners but there are unique characteristics in each of them. However, by popular choice, blenders are the best fit for groomers.

When it comes to chunkers, thinners and blenders, why do technique and amount of teeth matter?

Just in case you find that the hair is getting caught while cutting coats, it’s better to stop and adjust the technique employed with teeth thinning scissors. If not done, then the shears’ teeth get damaged almost instantaneously. This is largely due to the pressure that is applied from the thumb while cutting, leading the teeth to catch and pull. It would be better if you changed the angle a bit and relaxed the pressure exerted to prevent shears from cutting. Also, you would get better results that way.

Remember that the length of the shear is as important as the higher teeth count, at least if you intend to get the exact finish. For a good finish, opt for shears containing teeth that are larger than spaces that exist between them or good quality texturizing scissors.

Now that you know the differences between chunkers and blenders, you will be as adept as a professional groomer to select the ideal choice at the correct time for your dog.

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