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What is a Flat-fee MLS company?

Your property will be listed in a nearby database of properties for sale by a flat fee MLS business. The MLS is the complete database of properties available and serves as the data source for the most well-known online home search engines. It’s essential to list your property on the MLS if you want to attract attention and find a buyer.

They offer fewer complete services than a conventional agent does. Agents manage not only the listing of your property but also other aspects of the transaction. However, compared to paying a listing agent’s commission, choosing a flat-fee MLS can result in significant savings. Here is a list of Denver’s Top 7 Flat Fee MLS companies.

Here are the top 7 Flat Fee MLS Listing services that will help you List on MLS for a flat fee.


Modern MLS listing platform Houzeo enables home sellers to market their properties on the MLS for a set cost. Your listing agent will help you at every stage of the selling procedure. A Flat Fee MLS Denver listing will save you around half of the realtor’s commission. The Listing Fee starts from $349.

Pros of Houzeo

  • You may complete, sign, and submit your seller’s documentation via the Houzeo app.
  • With an online presence, everything is automated.
  • Mobile device apps are accessible.
  • Houzeo automatically fills up the necessary information about your house when you input your address.
  • Multiple services for a fair price.
  • There are no unstated fees.
  • Additional services, including contract reviews, agent showings, and expert showings, are available for purchase.
  • Quick listings and listing modifications.
  • The possible MLS exposure.

Want to learn more about them Houzeo Reviews!

Home Savings Realty

For the majority of Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Dever, Boulder, and other cities, Home Savings Realty is a brokerage that provides flat-rate MLS listing services. Their packages include contracts and closing services. They provide Comparative market analysis built-in (CMA). It is optimal for novice sellers. Their Packages are priced between $399 and $699.

Pros of Home Savings Realty

  • House Buyer Rebate is available if you purchase a home through Home Savings Realty.
  • Three packages are available.
  • At closing, they charge you 0.25%.
  • Participating in every stage of the selling process (as long as the contract is still active)
  • Use a local broker directly rather than a referral agency.
  • You will receive 24/7 help till your house sells.
  • Countless photographs (up to the maximum allowed by MLS)
  • A sign, leaflet, expert photographs, and security box are included.

Cons of Home Savings Realty

  • Compared to other companies, the listing terms in basic packages are rather brief.
  • No options for long-term listings.
  • Covers only a portion of Colorado.
  • $500 to help with closing and contracts.


HybridMLSListing, The Resource Group, LLC, a Colorado-licensed real estate firm, runs the MLS service. HybridMLSListing charges a set price.

Typically, an MLS listing is enabled within 24 hours. Changes to your listing are free and limitless. They will do the evaluation. Inclusion of State Disclosures. They are the best for showing your house. Their Packages are priced between $299 and $549.

Pros of HybridMLSListing

  • Work with the broker directly rather than a referral service.
  • Unlimited photos with the most basic plan.
  • Free changes to your listing.
  • Assistance with contracts, disclosures, and negotiations.
  • They offer Comparative Market Analysis to all sellers.

Cons of HybridMLSListing

  • Only six-month listings are offered.
  • With the basic plan, there is no house valuation or pricing support.
  • No price advice is included in their entry-level Flat Fee MLS Colorado packages.
  • At closing, they demand $1,500.

Flat Fee Group

Colorado’s flat fee MLS services are provided through the nationwide Flat Fee Group network of independent brokers. You won’t be charged a buyer’s agent commission if you locate an unrepresented buyer. Included Agreements, Disclosures, and Exhibits It is a flat fee business with the lowest prices. Their Packages are priced between $299 and $549.

Pros of Flat Fee Group

  • Work with the broker directly rather than a referral service.
  • If you discover an unrepresented buyer, there is no commission due.

Cons of Flat Fee Group

  • No pricing or home valuation support (except the Premium package)
  • Only six-month listings are offered.

Colorado Flat Fee Realty INC

All home sellers can use the Flat Fee MLS Colorado services provided by Colorado Flat Fee Realty, INC. This Colorado-based brokerage offers its clients a wide range of supplementary services. You can syndicate your listing on Zillow and other listing websites with their assistance.

Pros of Colorado Flat Fee Realty INC

  • It is a neighborhood flat fee MLS business in Colorado.
  • Syndicate with other online directories.

Cons of Colorado Flat Fee Realty INC

  • Huge extra charge.
  • Package prices are high.
  • No help with pricing.

Flat Fee Realty

Even if sticking to a tight budget is your primary concern, there are a few things you should be aware of before listing your Colorado MLS home with Flat Fee Realty. To comprehend the fundamental requirements placed on the company, you should at least understand how to sell a house on your own before choosing any company.

Pros of Flat Fee Realty

  • The most affordable Flat Fee MLS Colorado packages.

Cons of Flat Fee Realty

  • The minimal package includes only 6 photographs.
  • Not accessible everywhere in Colorado.


FSBO.com allows you to list and advertise your home on the MLS. You can Select the buyer’s agent commission that you want. The Listing Fee starts from $399.

Pros of FSBO.com

  • Additional documents, such as yard signs and legal paperwork, are conveniently available on a user-friendly website.
  • Enables you to list on your local MLS and increases your internet visibility.

Cons of FSBO.com

  • The level of service varies when MLS services are subcontracted to independent brokers.
  • In addition to the quoted pricing, brokers may charge additional fees.


You also can use Discount real estate brokers Denver, where the listing fees will be less than the Flat fee. But it comes with Commission charges. You can list your property on the market in Colorado by using a flat-fee MLS provider like Home Savings Realty or HybridMLSListings, but they don’t offer much else. Working with Houzeo might be the finest choice if you’re seeking a choice that might be more worthwhile for your time and money.

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