Steel Deck

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What is steel deck framing, and how does it work? As steel decking experts, Brite Deck takes an in-depth look at what steel deck framing is, its many benefits, the many profiles and span capacities available, and the key advantages of specifying steel decking for building projects in this knowledge piece.

Steel decking, corrugated steel decking, and ‘wrinkly tin’ are all terms used to describe steel decking.

Buildings with numerous stories are popular in urban locations, where land prices are high. This includes anything from hospitals and office complexes to residential apartment buildings and parking garages.

Multi-story structure construction is difficult and expensive. One approach to lowering the overall cost of a multi-story construction project is to keep construction times to a minimum, hence minimizing labor expenditures.

What is the process for making composite steel deck framing?

Steel deck framing is made by cold rolling thin strips of galvanized steel into corrugated, or ribbed, shapes known as profiles.

Deeper deck (trapezoidal) steel decking, which is up to 225mm deep and used for longer spans, and deep (dovetail or re-entrant) steel decking framing, which is up to 175mm deep and used for short spans, are the two most prevalent steel decking profiles.

Depending on the building project, each metal deck profile can be made in a different steel gauge, usually around 0.85mm and 1.5mm. The weight of 41.82 pounds per square inch of thickness is used to calculate sheet metal gauges.

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What is the definition of a composite concrete floor slab?

To make a composite concrete floor slab, profiled steel decking is typically utilized in conjunction with reinforced concrete.

Decking sheets are cut to size and placed horizontally between the beams of a steel structure. The cut end of the deck is sealed off with an end cap, and edge trim before each of the sheets is connected to the upper flange of the beam with shear studs utilizing ‘thru-deck’ or straight-to-steel’ stud welding processes.

Why is steel decking framing used in parking garages?

Because it is quick to assemble, low maintenance, long lasting, and incredibly cost-effective, steel framing and composite steel decking framing are often utilized for the construction of single and multi-story car park structures.

Steel is vandal-resistant, fire-resistant, and lightweight, eliminating the need for foundations. It also allows car park designers to satisfy all of the elements of good car park design and provides a great deal of design flexibility; rather than designing spaces to fit within a repaired framework, the potential unpropped span widths are made available by specifying composite steel decking permit the structure to be designed to offer the most number of parking spaces, and thus the most profit for the car park owner/operator. Another significant benefit of employing steel decking in construction is this.


Brite Deck is a contractor and a specialist steel deck framing supplier and installer. For decades, experts have been supplying and installing steel deck framing profiles. Steel deck framing suppliers were previously affiliated with a prominent steel frame-building firm.

In conclusion, steel deck framing is a modern construction method that offers numerous benefits for builders and homeowners. It is a cost-effective, durable, and versatile alternative to traditional wooden deck framing. Steel deck framing systems are easy to install and offer greater design flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of decking projects.

With the increasing demand for sustainable building materials, steel deck framing is a great option as it is made from recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its life. Whether you’re building a new deck or remodeling an existing one, steel deck framing is a smart choice that will provide long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of what steel deck framing is and why it is becoming the preferred choice for deck construction.