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Today, graffiti has become a highly admired form of art in every city in Melbourne. Artists are using their skills in adding beautiful artwork to several street areas which people are finding engaging. Additionally, they are receiving praises for their talent all around.

People might see the graffiti art as disorganized and meaningless while observing it. They may even think there are no proper manners to sketch any piece of art perfectly. However, the point is that an artist selects graffiti styles only to perform their artwork in a distinctive manner.

So, if you want to know about these graffiti styles, search graffiti murals near me” and explore the work of expert artists. Moreover, here, in this article, we are listing some of the best graffiti types and their characteristics.

6 Most Famous Styles Of Graffiti You Should Know


It is characterized as the stylish signature of the artists which includes their fictitious name, marked on the public space. This is the ultimate style of graffiti that acts as a base for several passionate artists for stepping into the art field.

In addition, tagging is the first form of art in the culture of graffiti. Without it, the artwork was not considered colorful and detailed. Artists use spray paint of one color for the tags.


It is a better classy version of tag as it makes use of more than one color and the designs are in bubble writing form. For portraying the graffiti murals, an artist sketches large fonts of their name’s letters in a quick manner(throw-up) on a wall surface.

It requires only two colors of paints for sketching the graffiti murals, one is for filling and another one for outlining.


This style of graffiti consists of huge letters which are in different popular lettering styles. Generally, artists use two or three colors of both sprays to outline beautiful graffiti murals.

Mostly, it is marked on huge surfaces that can be seen well from distant places to the people. For instance, on highways, businesses’ outdoor displays, deserted buildings, etc. So, if you want such artwork, hire professional artists for the best design strategy in Melbourne who will assist you with great art ideas.


This style utilizes stencil patterns to sketch the design on the wall surfaces. It is an easy way of transferring your piece of art in a detailed manner.

Artists place the stencil pattern on the wall and then fill those shapes with the help of spray paints. They repeat the exact process until the entire design is traced accurately.


It is the highest level of style, which comprises several complicated details of designs that are readable only to other artists. You can see 3d structures, arrows, interlocked letters, and spikes-like features in the various graffiti murals which are so complex.

That’s why wildstyle is not easily understandable to common people who do not know about art. It helps only to communicate the messages or show the talent of one artist to another.


Artists also call the sticker graffiti a “sticker bombing”. Sometimes, they write or print the information on sticking posters and then stick them in public places. It’s a unique form of art as it not only helps in getting the recognition of a particular artist but also in circulating important messages.

These are best for spreading the political or social messages to a wider audience and making them aware of it.

Summing Up

These are some of the top graffiti styles which make the graffiti murals appealing. Not only does it benefit the artists but also the people living in a community.

With such engaging artwork, the talents of the artists will be recognized in society. On the other hand, the colorful scenery or characters will be able to change those dull places into something colorful.

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