Elopement Packages

Because more couples are eloping and seeking out all-inclusive elopement packages in an era filled with freedom seekers and rule breakers.

How can a conventional wedding be so stressful?

It takes an average of 250-300 hours to plan a wedding from start to finish. If that were your full-time job, it would take you more than six months. Making a venue selection, choosing a theme, and choosing the perfect wedding outfit are just a few of the many things involved in planning the wedding of your dreams. As well as finding a good hair and makeup artist, finding and meeting your photographer, booking hotel accommodations for family and friends... the list goes on. Additionally, you need to check with each guest to see if they have any food allergies or special dietary needs. To learn more, visit customlasvegasweddings.com.

What makes an elopement package the better option

How about ditching all these unnecessary, head-scratching elements of a traditional wedding in favor of something elegant, memorable and authentic, only featuring the essentials.

Would you like to know that this heartfelt wedding of yours can take place in a breathtaking location for a fraction of a traditional wedding’s price? Will you get the intimacy and value for your money you desire in your wedding ceremony? Elopement packages at a price only available to elopement couples?

Elopements are not considered real weddings by some couples – which is surprising to us. The state does not recognize elopement ceremonies as legally binding wedding ceremonies because they are merely symbolic. However, this is not true.

An elopement ceremony can also take place that is entirely, totally and absolutely legal. You can also choose to have a completely legal elopement.

2. The people you love DON’T need to be left behind

It is no longer necessary to say your “I do’s” in a place where no one can find you when you elope. Our perception of eloping as synonymous with a “secret wedding” needs to be dispelled – it’s no longer true.

Currently, elopements are also called microweddings. We can do a simple ceremony with just the couple and a few close friends and family members. To make sure you understand what an elopement really is, we have previously written about what it means.

3. Even if you want all the frills, you can do it

Would you like to enjoy a royal treatment the morning of your wedding, while wearing a luscious, white wedding gown? You know the type, one who takes the opportunity to rent that beautiful Jaguar you’ve always wanted to experience on his wedding day? Even though elopements are primarily about cutting unnecessary costs, you don’t have to give up the important things.

4. NO stress

There’s one more reason to relax until your wedding day arrives – elopement packages include everything you need for your event. Every element you’ll need to plan an unforgettable elopement is already in place.

5. Wedding planners know which vendors to hire

In a sea of wedding professionals, it’s difficult for new brides and grooms to find the right vendors in such a multibillion-dollar market. In fact, elopements can make this task even more difficult…

It is probably unlikely that you will need full-day photo and video coverage when you elope, and it is unlikely that you will have enough guests to book a wedding hair and makeup stylist. Perhaps you also don’t want a three-tiered wedding cake for just the two of you or a musician serenading you for three hours.

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