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The age of digital transformation is here. Digital transformation will help leverage technologies to change or devise new businesses, cultures, approaches, or clients. These creations will help combat the increasing business and market needs. These processes of reimagining in the digital age is digital transformation. 

8 out of 10 businesses fast-tracked and accelerated their digital transformation programs in 2020, according to the Digital Transformation Index 2020. The report reviewed over 4000 business pioneers all over the planet. Also, 89% stated that the pandemic elevated the requirement for a more scalable and agile IT environment that must be conceivable when the organizations change digitally. 


When speaking of a document generation and automation solution, there is no better player than Crove, solely based on features, functionalities, and ease of use. Crove is an affordable solution with a rich and powerful editor to produce and automate various proposals with high document automation generation limits, even in the basic plan. Furthermore, Crove empowers you to add excel formulas and logical conditions compared to just adding plain text fields, helping you possess dynamic proposal templates. It also enables you to calculate product pricing within the document itself. It is amongst the best digital tools for a business, irrespective of industry. 

Why Crove? 

  • Crove helps you create business proposals, send them for review and get them signed through their eSignature solution. 
  • Crove helps you share mobile-friendly forms with your clients or partners and get relevant details and signatures to generate contracts. 
  • Crove helps you automate monthly reports for clients as well as your business. You design a reporting template in Crove, connect it with the record framework, and deliver reports automatically. 

For any business (irrespective of the industry), goal and objective setting are essential. plays the role of an OKR software (Objective and Key Results) that enables businesses to track, monitor, and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) and outputs across the physical locations and teams. 

The platform also assists with employee management, employee appraisal, group check-ins, and work culture reviews. Moreover, conveys an appropriate hierarchical view of your group’s goals and guarantees that they align with your general business objectives. 

It also shows how your business goals align with the vital presentation pointers and specified objectives. should be included in the must-have digital tools for business. integrates with popular remote work platforms like Slack, Google Suite, and Jira. What’s more, this OKR software comes with extreme client care to assist you with taking full advantage of the platform. 


Generally, idea management is a novel software class. However, it is imperative for conveyed/remote teams, i.e., businesses prepared to change digitally. You can organize, discuss and gauge the processes and ideas more proficiently in the case of employee absence or aren’t together in a similar space. 

This app allows you to collect ideas through an always-on recommendation box. You can then sort out and structure these concepts, make creative pipelines, and review your current plans. It’s a splendid idea-mapping software for gatherings. 

Brightidea effectively monitors the return on investment and the effect on business by employing a vigorous analytics engine that produces educated and valuable insights connected with the submitted ideas. This, thus, streamlines your change to a digitally enabled world. 

At the point when you need to explore ways to develop your firm, Brightidea is the way forward and which is why we have included it in our digital tools for business list. 


ZipBooks is a splendid and cost-viable accounting and online invoicing software that assists companies with numerous accounting applications suited to independent ventures. For example, you can send solicitations to your clients, track assignments on time, monitor a project’s advancement, connect bank accounts for quicker installment handling, and make an account-keeping record framework. 

The platform additionally takes care of new and developing businesses with different packages and plans to browse. For instance, the Starter option (free) offers unlimited contacts, solicitations, and admittance to a sole bank feed. 

And ZipBooks’ Smarter version upgrades the framework with countless bank connections, time tracking, and auto-billing. ZipBooks is a magnificent tool for accounting, billing, invoicing, and expenses. 

Leverage your business strategy using’s OKR book.

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