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Personal Computer consists of many hardware parts. Some essential ones are the CPU, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Every part plays a significant role in the computer’s working, and all are interconnected in such a way that, individually, they are useless. Like the CPU is considered the brain of a computer, it performs the most complex activities, and the monitor gives a visual view of every command you input. In this guide, we’ll discuss keyboards in detail and their uses at the mobile repair shop.

The keyboard and mouse provide the commands for different actions carried out by the CPU. The keyboard has alphabets, symbols, and numerics. Through them, you can input data into your system, and as a result, the output is shown on the monitor. If any parts are not functioning well, things will become quite tricky. For their repair, you should consult a professional mobile repair shop. As people use computers for different activities like gaming, business, and entertainment, a variety of keyboards are available. From this you can choose a keyboard according to your need. 

Types of keyboard and their uses available at a phone repair store

There are many kinds of keyboards available on the market. Some of them are mentioned 

below :

● Gaming keyboard 

● Mechanical keyboard 

● Ergonomic Keyboards

● Multimedia keyboard

Gaming Keyboard 

If you are a professional gamer and spend a lot of time playing games, then a standard keyboard is not an option for you because they are made for everyday regular day work, and their keys are neither that resistive. You should invest in a good gaming keyboard and consider a mobile repair shop for this purpose. While looking for an excellent gaming keyboard, specific characteristics should be kept in mind, like the format should be extravagant with LED lights installed, highlighted standard playing keys that are WASD, and more resistant keys. Some of the gaming keyboards also have a built-in joystick. If you are looking for a keyboard with the specialties mentioned above, then a reliable cell phone repair center like Sycamore Tech CA can be a place that can quench your thirst. 

Mechanical keyboard 

Mechanical keyboards were introduced in the early 2000 and are one of the essential types of keyboards. They are used for writing and need a little learning before use. Each key has a separate switch activated by the physical movement of a legend. After activation, it sends a signal to record the keystroke. The two most important advantages of this keyboard are quick response and durability. Mechanical keyboards are expensive, so it will be wise to look for a phone repair store that you can trust and offer quality spare parts, as nobody wants to get scammed. 

Ergonomic Keyboard 

Old-age people or people who suffer from body aches can not type for a longer period on the standard keyboard. It will reduce the typing speed and can result in injuries like repetitive strain, hand pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. For them, a special kind of keyboard is called an ergonomic keyboard to reduce stress and body aches and increase their comfort level. If you want this keyboard, look for the best cell phone repair store in Newark, CA. You can look online or ask native people around. Before selecting any store, check online reviews as they can be accommodating.  

Multimedia keyboard 

They are similar to standard keyboards; the only difference is the addition of multimedia keys like Play, Stop, Resume, Rewind, Mute, Volume, etc. if you are a person whose daily activity involves a lot of multimedia usages, then this is the best option for you. 


As many keyboards are available in the market, the only job for you is to select a keyboard according to your requirement and search for a cell phone repair store in Newark where you can get the original equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the computer keyboard be repaired?

Yes, the computer keyboard can be repaired by specific techniques and sometimes only requires thorough cleaning. Some dust particles, dirt, and debris tend to accumulate on the keyboard causing difficulty in normal working. Often just cleaning the keyboard can resume its normal function.

How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

If your keyboard keys are not responding to the commands, then you should follow the given steps below; 

● Try to use a different cable for your keyboard. 

● Unplug the keyboard and plug it in again. 

● Change the batteries of the computer laptop keyboard. 

● Try to clean the keyboard by using a gentle cleaner cleaning agent

● If there is any damage to the keyboard, try to get it repaired as soon as possible.

● See if all the connections are stable.

Why Can the keyboard not suddenly type?

If your keyboard suddenly stopped working, it might be due to an error in the system, and it got stuck. You can make the keyboard work by trying to reboot the PC. Some of the issues that cause the PC to hang cannot be resolved on your own, so you should refer to a mobile repair shop.

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