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When cell phone batteries reach their limit or are left discharged for a long time, there is a possibility that they lose their ability to charge. It usually happens when you procrastinate in charging your phone and end up in trouble. When the battery does not charge after removing and reinserting the charging cable, cleaning the charging port, or removing and reinserting the battery in case of removable batteries, you need not throw it away. That’s when a phone repair store can come to the rescue. The quality of the battery also matters, so maintenance of the battery can increase its life. Look for an affordable store for repair and maintenance that ensures your original equipment manufacturer(OEM) replacement parts, quick turn rate, and experience. 

Cell phone battery replacement at a phone repair store

If your battery is drawing fast or unable to charge, then a Sacramento cell phone repair store can help. Sometimes we do not charge our phones timely, and that causes problems like the unresponsive battery or cell phone being unable to turn on. In this case, you should consult an expert who can advise on whether to fix the existing battery or change it. We also face issues regarding battery damage, including a change in battery shape or liquid seeping out of it. At this stage, it is highly recommended to go to an expert as it is a critical stage that can cause harm to you and your phone. 

Buying a new phone or battery replacement at a cell phone repair store

Some people have a habit of buying a new phone every year. They do so because they think that cell phones can last for only a year or they are not parallel to the new modern technology. But in reality, that is not the case. Like a car, cell phone parts need some repairing or replacement, and they are good to go. Battery replacement is the best service you can do to make a phone new. Battery replacement in non-removable cell phones is a complex task. Most inexperienced cell repair stores can damage the other parts of your phone, like the screen, case, or any inside component, so it is highly recommended to go to an expert cell phone repair center like Hot Tech Repair. It is not only budget-friendly but also consumes less time. 

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What is the time for battery replacement at a phone repair store? 

The average lifetime of a battery is almost 2 to 3 years. After that, you need to change the battery. Do check the battery health on your device regularly. In the case of an iPhone, you can check it by entering settings and then checking battery health. But in androids, it is a little difficult as they have a wide variety of models, and each has a different setting. You can also use an app called AccuBattery for a battery health check-up. If it shows battery health of 80% or less than 80%, then it is the perfect time to replace the battery with an expert like a cell phone repair store in Sacramento. 


It would be best to look for a store that can replace your battery without damaging the other parts of the cell phone. Doing it yourself might damage the entire phone, and then you have to buy a new one which will cause a loss of time and money. Thus, before you spend your money, make sure it is something valuable you are spending on to make your device work better.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you factory reset a locked Android phone?

If you want to factory reset your locked android phone, press the volume up button and the power button and hold it for a while. A startup will appear on the screen. Now release the power button and after 3 seconds, release the volume up button too. It will make your phone enter recovery mode. You can touch the screen to click the factory reset option or use the volume button to select. 

How much does Android screen repair cost? 

The cost for repairing an android phone lies between $50 to $279, almost equal to an iPhone repair. The fee generally depends upon the issue you are facing and the cell phone repair store you are going to. Samsung also offers first-party screen repair like Apple does. It is better to go for a reliable service center. 

Will Liquid glass fix a cracked screen?

Liquid glass is a transparent material spread onto your electronic device’s broken screen. As it is a nano liquid, its molecular chemistry changes when it dries, thus fixing your phone screen to some extent. It also increases the durability of the screen.