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eCommerce has been overgrowing for many decades. At the same time, the competition among the business is increasing, thus making it necessary to build online stores. Of all, BigCommerce is the prominent platform considered for launching an elegant store and is suitable for the needs of both small and medium businesses. It allows businesses to build a digital shop for selling goods online, ship orders, handle stocks, and customize store design.

The way businesses operate and serve their customers has changed a lot in the last few years. Additionally, digital shopping as the preference of modern shoppers has become normal and the reason for the increase in the eCommerce store numbers.

While many businesses are switching to eCommerce selling, let us tell you how the BigCommerce platform can help your business stand out and meet customer demands.

Reasons to Choose BigCommerce for Online Store Designing

Professional Design Choices

All the retailers thinking about an eCommerce store establishment need to know that learning the coding and other technical skills is essential and intimidating. Luckily, the BigCommerce platform requires no coding skills to edit pages. It comprises the drag-and-drop feature for easy customization of store design. Also, you can take things to the next level by accessing the site’s underlying CSS, HTML, and JS coding.

You get access to choosing from a wide range of themes to help build the design on your own. Thus, creating a mobile-responsive site.

Besides the design, you can customize the checkout experience. It is one of the benefits of BigCommerce. Simply utilize SDK and checkout API and build the experience customers expect from a digital store.

24*7 Customer Support

It is a fact that the customer support teams of BigCommerce have never failed to handle the shopper concerns and deliver satisfaction. Besides the elegant design and excellent products, the customers expect quick and efficient support.

Below are some of the rewards offered by the customer support team of BigCommerce.   

  • Reduced wait times
  • 24*7 availability of experts

Apart from these advantages, the BigCommerce website design platform offers training help to enterprises of different sizes.

Moreover, BigCommerce allows retailers to connect with the support team via email, live chat, or phone. In addition, the access to the guides, video tutorials, and other content makes learning the use of BigCommerce easy.

Sell Anywhere

Another great benefit that BigCommerce offers is it assists in connecting with buyers via numerous platforms. It allows the goods to be sold globally with only one single platform. Of course, the digital era and convenience expected by the consumers have made the sellers reach global markets. Thus, helping in increasing the business growth above and beyond. 

The BigCommerce platform allows accepting payments in more than 100 currencies. Its multi-language capabilities enable better customer satisfaction and reach a wider audience globally.

Affordable Pricing

Another thing that comes into every business owner’s mind when weighing the benefits of an eCommerce platform is the pricing. Will it be affordable according to the business size or not?

BigCommerce offers four different alternatives to potential customers. Standard pricing, Plus tier, Pro pricing, and Enterprise cost are among them. The Enterprise choices will be oriented toward big businesses looking for extensive and in-built tools.

This makes it essential for the retailers to get in touch with the expert BigCommerce developer who can assist in deciding on affordability.

All in all, no matter how big or small the enterprise is, BigCommerce has varying pricing solutions for all.

Assured Security

You can expect robust security from the BigCommerce platform. You and your customers can feel safe selling and buying goods from an online store built on BigCommerce. It is certified, secured, reliable, and functions on top-notch infrastructure. In addition, it provides the best performance possible and uptime.

Furthermore, the excellent solutions it offers alleviate any concerns about data backup or restoration. We all know that in this day and age, security is a top priority, especially for eCommerce companies.

With endless small and big eCommerce businesses across the globe, adhering to security measures is essential. This will help to gain shoppers’ trust and increase brand credibility.

Powerful SEO Functionalities

Search engine optimization is essential for any online business to succeed. If your company does not rank first in the SERPs, visitors are likely to purchase from your competitors.

Hence, understand that SEO is vital to enhance business visibility, attract visitor inflow, and expand sales. BigCommerce comes with amazing SEO features. These help in making website optimization simple.

Each webpage is built with HTML components and indicators when retailers use BigCommerce to design their tailored eCommerce store. In addition, the product pages created on BigCommerce comprise baked-in microdata. It contains all important information, such as stock availability, brand, pricing, and product ratings. When making changes, it also enables streamlined URLs, redirection, and a reduction in 404 errors.

Besides all this, the platform has an in-built CDN. It ensures reduced load times and the best customer experience is delivered.

Summing Up

To conclude, all these benefits assure the robust, user-friendly, and diverse BigCommerce web design solution. With BigCommerce, you need not learn coding skills or become a tech expert to build an online shop. BigCommerce offers useful tools for everyone. Simply put, BigCommerce is an ideal choice because of its amazing features, customization options, versatility, and capability to increase store traffic. Thus, resulting in increased ROI.

Besides, reaching out to the best BigCommerce development company can be ideal to make the most out of these benefits.

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