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Valves are widely used for industrial application. Steel products may be manufactured either by casting or forging steel. Steel casting is the process by which a metal is heated until it reaches a liquid state and then poured into a mold that shapes the desired product. Steel forging implies the application of mechanical forces to heated solid blocks of steel (such as ingots and/or billets) that are shaped into desired products permanently. Both cast steel and forged steel valves are available in different forms like Gate valves, Globe Valves and Check Valves.

After forging, the forged valve components have a great strength, making them, an ideal choice for industrial applications. These valves are applicable for systems with high-pressure and high-temperature requirement conditions. Also, forging can eliminat our worry of defects that casting may cause such as cracks, shrinkage, and porosity. Forged steel gate valves are mostly reduced bore design, compared with the same size cast steel gate valve, the amount of flow is slightly smaller, but the pressure and temperature range are higher than the cast steel valve. Its sealing performance is much better than the cast steel gate valve. It has a longer service life and the flow direction of the medium is not restricted. Valvetech LLC  is authorized distributor of walworth valves in Dubai, UAE. We are a known reputated country in oilfield product supplies and deals as a leading supplier of forged steel valves in Dubai, UAE; feel free to consult for all your requirements related to forged steel valves in dubai.

Application of Forged Steel Valve

The application of forged steel valve:

  • Forged steel globe valve is suitable for the application in pipeline containing high temperature and high pressure medium, such as coal-fired power plant, nuclear power plant, petrochemical system, etc.
  • The fluid resistance of the forging steel gate valve is small, and the sealing surface is less brushed and eroded by the medium.
  • The pipeline with relax requirement of flow resistance can adopt forged steel globe valve.
  •  Forged steel gate valves are suitable for small diameter lines with Class150 ~ 2500, the operating temperature of -29 ~ 425oC(carbon steel) or -29 ~ 500oC(stainless steel) for shut-off or switching on the medium in the pipeline.
  • Needle valve, instrument valve, sampling valve, pressure gauge valve are for the choice for small type valve.
  • Butt-welded forged steel gate valve is simple in shape, short in the face to face dimension, easy for manufacturing and widely used.

Forged Steel Gate Valve

Gate valves are primarily designed for on-off services when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum restriction is desired. The closure member of gate valves either stops or allows flow through the valve and acts somewhat like the opening or closing of a gate and is called, appropriately, the gate valve. The gate is also shown as a wedge, due to the shape is resembles. When the valve is open, the closure member is fully drawn up into the valve, leaving a complete opening for the flow stream. Therefore, there is little pressure drop or flow restriction through the valve. Gate valves are used in many industrial applications including the oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive, and marine. Gate valves are not suitable for throttling purposes.

Forged Steel Globe Valve

Globe valves are used for flow regulation, frequent operation, increased flow resistance or for positive shut off when closed. Globe valves are closing-down valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat. By this mode of disc travel, the seat opening varies in direct proportion to the travel of the disc. This proportional relationship between valve opening and disc travel is ideally suited for duties involving regulation of flow rate. Globe valves can also be used for on-off duty, the seating load can be positively controlled with high sealing capacity. The change in direction of fluid flow through these valves produces increased resistance and pressure drop. The standard Straight “T”-pattern valve body is the most common, but because of its tortuous flow passage it offers the highest resistance to flow of the patterns available. Globe valves are used in many industrial applications including the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, and marine. Globe valves are also recommended for services requiring frequent operation and positive shut off.

Forged Steel Check Valve

Check valves are mainly used to prevent back flow in the line. The pressure of the fluid passing through a system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve. The swing check valve functions by allowing flow forces to move the closure element, it is a hinged clapper which swings or rotates around a supporting shaft. The disk swings away from the valve-seat to allow flow in the forward direction, and returns to the valve-seat when upstream flow is stopped, to prevent backflow. Swing check design is one of the most common and best check valve for general-purpose use. These valves produce the lowest pressure drop, when compared with other check valves of the same size, the internal contours and shapes allow them to fully open at low fluid velocities and create a smooth flow path through the valve. The design is simple and easy to maintain and can be used for either horizontal or vertical (fluid flowing upward) pipe layouts. Because of their design, swing checks are not fast-closing valves due to the travel distance from full open to close.

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