Transporting A Car To Another State

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If you want to ship your vehicle out of state, there are plenty of reasons. Maybe you’re a vintage car enthusiast moving across the country with your prized possession, giving a gift to someone out of state, or shipping a car from one state to another. The reason for transporting a car to another state isn’t as important as doing your homework to ensure the process goes as smoothly, quickly, and affordably as possible. Transporting a car to another state is easy if you search.

Top 6 reasons for transporting a car to another state

There are many reasons why transporting a car to another state is better than jumping in and driving it. While moving states, you likely already have several time-consuming tasks on your plate, including work changes and packing up your home, to name a few. You don’t need to add one more to the list. Shipping as many vehicles as possible will make your life easier. You can check that one thing off your long to-do list by leaving the details of transporting a car to another state to the pros.

Additionally, putting hundreds or sometimes thousands of additional miles on your car is terrible for its resale value and shortens its lifespan. You may have a higher risk of a car breaking down on the interstate if it’s usually a city car, which can be a major inconvenience when you’re moving. Ship your vehicle during your big move to eliminate all the stress for you and your vehicle.

1.   Ship your vehicle with the right auto transport company.

You will have your choice of many car shipping companies if you live in a central metropolitan hub, particularly a city that transports a lot of cars, such as Miami or Los Angeles. You have fewer options if you live far from any significant interstate for transporting a car to another state if you live far from any major interstate. There are many logistics companies out there, but Shiply is the best fit for your motorcycle shipping needs.

How do you know if a car shipper is trustworthy? An excellent place to start your research is Google Reviews. Trust pilot is another superb resource. Having narrowed down your options to a few plausible (and affordable) candidates, you can find out how well they rank based on real-world feedback from clients. Consult the Better Business Bureau after you’ve read the reviews. Ensure the shipping company you are using is a reputable vendor while transporting a car to another state.

2.   Estimating the cost of transporting a car to another state.

Check with someone you know whose car was shipped out of state to find out which shipping company they used. There is a good chance they will discuss their experience and how much they paid for transporting their vehicle. After that, you’ll have to conduct more research and outreach. 

You can research potential companies’ prices by clicking, calling, or visiting their physical locations when vetting them. Today, some of the top car shipping companies offer online quote calculators so potential customers can get quick, accurate quotes instantly.

3.   Select Your Type of Transportation: Open-Air vs. Enclosed Transport.

Your choices for shipping a car likely fall into two categories: enclosed transport and open-air transport. In enclosed transport, your vehicle is protected by a freight truck’s roof, walls, and floor. This type of transportation does not include a confined space. Your choice depends on what kind of vehicle you have and your needs.

If you drive down any freeway long enough in America, you will surely see brand-new cars being transported through the open air. Ninety-seven percent of all vehicles shipped in the United States are transported by open air. According to statistics, open-air transport has proven nearly as safe for your car as enclosed transport. This fact alone won’t convince you that open-air transportation is safer and more reliable than enclosed transportation: Enclosed transportation costs, on average, 33%–50% more.

4.   Get Your Auto Shipment Scheduled Early.

You should know a few things about scheduling an auto-delivery to another state if you are doing it for the first time.

Although your car is taking a relatively straight and easy route, that does not mean that your 18-wheeler will also take a straightforward path to transport your vehicle. Transporting vehicles cross-country is a logistical puzzle. Transport trailers can zigzag all over the country, picking up and dropping off cars and running into conditions that can slow things down.

Compare auto shipping quotes from companies before you book your vehicle for shipping from one state to another, so you know how long your car will need to be shipped.

5.   Get Your Car Ready for Interstate Transportation.

You will need to prepare your car after choosing a shipping company and a method for sending it from one state to another. Unlike shipping items through the post office, FedEx, or UPS, which requires minimal prep, shipping a car will require you to go the extra mile to ensure it does the same.

Cleaning your car’s interior and washing its exterior is the first step. So that if something has scratches, dings, scuffs, cracks, etc., you don’t have to defend your word against the shipping companies. If you ship your vehicle with a reputable company, you can avoid the above situation. Once you have thoroughly cleaned, dried, and buff your car, be sure to take pictures for your records.

Next, fill up about a quarter of your gas tank. By doing so, the vehicle will have enough fuel to get between the trailer and its new home without stopping at a gas station. Additionally, it will ensure that there is enough gas for loading and unloading the car. For a car shipping company, having a quarter tank of gas will also help reduce the truck’s payload as it drives cross-country.

You should remove all personal belongings from your vehicle, including the glove compartment and trunk. The extra items you add to your car can cause it to weigh down, and worse, they’re never covered under a shipping company’s insurance policy.

6.   Obtain the documents you will need when transporting a car to another state.

When making the handoff, it is ideal to have registration, title, and proof of insurance with you. However, these documents are not usually required for most shipping companies to show. During the cross-country move, make sure your car’s insurance is current. If you have an additional insurance policy on top of the transport companies, it is better. Almost all transport companies insure your car under their policies when shipping your vehicle.

Can you transport items in a car?

Although it is legal to send stuff in your car or trunk, many businesses advise against it because there is always a chance of the goods being stolen or becoming damaged while being transported. Most companies suggest that you empty the car of all personal belongings before shipping.


In conclusion, transporting a car to another state can be a complex process, but with proper planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether you choose to use an auto transport company or opt for a self-drive, it’s important to research and compares your options to find the best solution for your needs.

Essential considerations include the type of transport, the cost, the pickup and delivery locations, the timeline, and the level of protection for your vehicle. With a detailed guide like this, you can ensure that your car is transported safely and efficiently to its new home, giving you peace of mind and a successful move. So, plan carefully and make the most of your car transport experience!

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What is the best way to move a car long distance?

An auto transporter, a popular method of transportation, can ship a car. The advantages of shipping include not driving your vehicle long-distance or putting much mileage on it. It is possible to ship a vehicle on an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck.

Is it worth shipping a car?

If you consider the expense and time involved in driving the car home and the time and cost associated with flying to pick up the vehicle, long-distance car shipping is often a good option. Shipping a vehicle across the country will take about a month, and shipping internationally will take at least two months.