Great Resignation

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If you run a business, then it might not be the best time for you. As per the reports of the U.S. Department of Labor, 4.5 million Americans quit their job and set the record straight. The wave of resignation is not a dilemma for a single industry. Instead, the Great Resignation trend is affecting every sector.

Especially in the global IT industry, only twenty-nine percent of international IT workers have a high intent to stay firm in their position, and the rest are planning to quit. The tech industry is leading in terms of resignations.

The question is, “Why?”

Suppose you are part of the business world, own a business, or are responsible for retaining employees. In that case, all you must be thinking about is why everyone is leaving. There is no lie in that economic conditions are not very well. Most people are struggling to keep up with the high inflation rates. In such times, leaving jobs that too in abundance may seem like a pretty silly move. However, it is not. A good number of workers in America are heading towards submitting their resignations even this year.

Contrary to the common notion, it is not about only money. Of course, people quit or threaten to quit their jobs over low pay and minimum hourly wages. Still, this time it is much more than higher-paying salaries. Many workers who have already quit their jobs blame the unjust corporate culture for their move. The pandemic has helped employees reevaluate their careers, understand what is essential in their life, and set their priorities straight. The re-evaluation has also highlighted the less-talked corporate culture issues such as misalignment of corporate values, lack of recognition, and poor management.

In other words, it is not only a Great Resignation but also a Great re-evaluation for the employees and employers. The widespread shift of working from home after the pandemic-induced restrictions has highlighted some significant issues employees face. A majority of employees prefer flexible working standards. Still, they do not appreciate the burnout and loneliness they encounter in work-from-home settings. While after working in a remote location for over two years, employees have managed to take hold of the common challenges such as internet connectivity issues. Many employees have taken it upon themselves to find the right phone and internet bundles to ensure they are effective with their work. Understanding the growing need, many internet service providers like Cox also offers Cox servicio al cliente en espanol for the Spanish speakers in the country.

Therefore, while employees can fix their connectivity and other problems, there is a lot of responsibility on employers too. Here is what you can find as a business leader or owner to protect your company from becoming the next victim of great resignation.

Look beyond money.

As we initially said, minority compensation cannot fix the problem. Today’s workers look forward to creating better relationships with their colleagues and employers. Employers need to focus on all the right things that encourage healthy relationship building, recognition, and giving little zero space to toxic work culture.

This means that looking beyond salary compensation, stock options, and the bonus is necessary at this time and age. You must ensure you put forward shared values and enhance quality with your employees. You are to think about parental benefits, paid parental leaves, and other inclusive benefits that can help employees improve work-life balance.

Help employees build community.

A recent employee engagement survey by TeleSign revealed that women and non-binary employees have a higher desire to form a community within the organization. A community can be a safe space for those underrepresented in the industry. For instance, women in the tech industry have little say in mega projects. Employers can help build a healthy and friendly environment by putting communities together.

Building Trust and Transparency in the Workplace

As employees face a time of uncertainty and increased stress, building trust and transparency in the workplace is more critical than ever. In many cases, employees leave their jobs because they do not trust their employers or feel like they are not being listened to. As a business leader or owner, it is essential to create an open and honest dialogue with your employees. This can involve regularly seeking their feedback, addressing concerns, and being transparent about any changes or challenges that the company may be facing.

Leadership and Employee Development

Investing in leadership and employee development can be a powerful way to retain talent and create a positive work culture. Providing opportunities for growth and development can help employees feel valued and motivated to stay with the company. This can include providing training, mentorship, and coaching to help employees develop new skills and advance their careers. In addition, developing strong leaders within the company can help create a positive work environment, boost employee engagement, and build a culture of trust and transparency.

Bottom line

The pandemic has fundamentally drawn attention to topics that help build a better work culture. These days, employees look down upon old and rigid workplace policies. They are looking for employers who encourage diversity and work-life balance and create a balanced and healthy workplace environment.

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