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Flying private isn’t just about living a luxurious lifestyle – rather, it is about convenience, comfort, and access. While flying private does give you bragging rights, it also gives you the freedom to travel freely, whether it be for business or pleasure, and gets you access to far-off destinations while avoiding airport wait times and connecting flights. 

Many individuals can afford to fly private but tend to stick to commercial airlines and fly first class not realizing how that impacts their business and personal lives. Despite flying first-class, commercial airlines have their downside. If you can afford to fly private, but shy away thinking of the extra cost, keep reading to find four reasons why flying private is worth every penny:

It saves you time

The number one benefit of flying private is that it helps save you time. Your time is the most expensive asset you could own, and if you run a business or are a personality with a busy schedule, you need to save all the time you possibly can to dedicate to your core work. 

A private jet charter saves more than three hours for the same destination as compared to a commercial flight. This is because with private flights you can skip long waiting lines and boarding times. For long-haul destinations, flying private can save you up to 10 hours or more due to no connecting flights or wait times in between.

It gives you access

Commercial flights struggle with gaining access to hard-to-reach destinations, especially if these are located in faraway countries or continents. If you are flying commercial, you most likely will not get a direct flight to a destination less popular. In addition to that, commercial flights only have access to the main airports of a country.

In addition to having access to the main and small metro airports in a country, private charters allow passengers to gain access to hard-to-reach destinations. This is essentially doable because private charters can fly to whichever destination non-stop due to there not being any cost-based contingencies.

It gives you freedom

Individuals who fly private have to rely on the schedule and timing of commercial airlines. You could plan every little detail about your trip but everything could get delayed due to an unforeseen delay in an airline’s schedule. This limits the amount of freedom that flying commercial gives its passengers.

However, with private charters, individuals get to decide the date and time when they wish to travel, and can also add stops before their destination if needed. They do not have to adjust their schedules according to available flights and rather schedule their travels around their commitments.

It gives you privacy

Flying private gives you and your fellow passengers much-needed privacy during travel. If you are traveling with associates for business purposes, you get the privacy to discuss confidential business deals and company paperwork. If you are traveling with family, you get to play around, joke and have fun together.

Commercial airlines, however, do not offer the same level of privacy even when you are flying first class. There are multiple strangers in the vicinity, stewards walking around, and an overall environment that doesn’t give you the privacy that a private charter would.


Due to an Instagram bragging culture, flying private in recent times has received a ton of backlash with critics pointing out its environmental effects and materialistic contributions to society. However, flying private includes much more than just showing off your wealth – it features convenience and comfort for its passengers and is great for those with extremely busy schedules.

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