Types Of Packaging Boxes

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Whatever type of package you want to send, there is a box that will fit your needs perfectly. However, it is challenging to determine which type of box to use. At https://thepackagingpro.com/, you can find custom packaging boxes and printed packaging boxes for your industry and product.

Several elements are common to all quality custom boxes, enhancing the customer’s overall experience with your brand. This guide is all about packaging boxes in detail.

Types of packaging boxes

1. The Shoulder Packaging Boxes

The unusual style of this box isn’t seen as often, but when it does, it stands out more. This box has a lid, and a base that does not touch, and the product is stored in the middle. The shoulder is part of the body that has this shape. Using contrasting colors in the middle of the box can help it stand out even more. 

2. The Collapsible Packaging Boxes        

There is a growing interest in collapsible boxes among manufacturers and consumers. As a result, product manufacturers have a lot of flexibility regarding how they can be designed and branded effectively. They are popular with customers because they can be collapsed and reused easily. Additionally, their collapsible feature makes shipping more cost-effective.

3. The Full Overlap Packaging Boxes

Boxes with outside flaps that overlap the box’s width add incredible durability and provide a canvas for creative expression. When it comes to packaging, this is truly the best of both worlds. 

4. The Telescope Packaging Boxes

In much the same way that a telescoping lid covers the lens, these boxes come in two parts, and the top can be removed similarly. Boxes like these are used for many luxury products to give a sense of unboxing and sophistication. 

5. The Rigid Packaging Boxes

More robust, more durable boxes are available for your product with rigid boxes. Unlike traditional packs, they are made from stronger materials and cannot be collapsed. The offset printing process is most used for custom printed boxes, which include multicolor groups, multi-function webs, and matte papers. 

To soften up rigid-style packages and make them more attractive, they are often individually wrapped with something else that allows for a bit more creativity and adds a touch of “brand-ability.” 

6. The Mailer Packaging Boxes

Retail-ready boxes can be shipped directly in the mail without additional packaging and sent straight to retailers. These subscription boxes arrive in gorgeous mailer boxes when you receive them.

7. Regular Slotted Container Packaging Boxes

As the flaps on these boxes are the same length, more petite and lightweight items can quickly be shipped one at a time. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at the expense of some design features since only the exterior and print designs can be changed. 

8. Roll end tuck top packaging boxes

Despite its somewhat complicated name, this box works very straightforwardly. The package can be built without glue or tape and holds well just by folding and tucking the ends in. It is common to ship baked goods in this box style, with many design possibilities. Food boxes can be made transparent to show off the delicious contents, making them a popular choice.

How will packaging boxes become beneficial?

Ordering something online, waiting for it to arrive, and then receiving it broken, and mangled, is nothing short of frustrating. However, it is not uncommon for this to happen.

A wide range of custom packaging boxes and printed packaging products are available from thePackagingPro for a variety of industries. According to a report, approximately one out of ten shipments are damaged in transit.

  • To minimize that risk, ensure your orders are appropriately packaged.
  • To minimize movement within the shipping container, use bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • The exterior surfaces of the product should be wrapped in tissue paper to protect them from damage.
  • Ensure the shipping container is the right size for the items so they fit snugly within the packaging.
  • Customer satisfaction increases when orders arrive safely, and the unboxing experience is more enjoyable for the buyer.


Your business’s packaging is easy to overlook when you’re focused on all other aspects of your business. However, the packaging is crucial! An excellent first impression is the first thing your customer sees when their order arrives. Your bottom line is also affected by the condition in which your product comes. In addition, custom packaging boxes and marketing materials are sometimes mailed in addition to the package.

Apart from that, if you want to know Why Custom Retail Packaging Boxes are important?, then please visit our Business Category.

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