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Hybrid events have marked the advent of a new era with their onset in the field of event organization. Do you know that according to a survey, nearly 50% of people attending corporate events consider Hybrid Events to be the ideal event format in the near future in comparison to solely virtual or onsite ones? The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) reaffirmed these findings.

When GBTA surveyed organizers regarding how they are planning on managing their meetings in the year ahead, three-out-of-five respondents said that they are expecting to hold at least one hybrid meeting during this year.

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are precisely a mix of live and virtual event platforms. These events offer quite a rich, engaging experience of an in-person event with the cost effectiveness, convenience and global reach of a virtual event.

Why have they become so popular?

Hybrid events are likely the new standard for several reasons like there is no limit for the no. of participants, one can attend it from anywhere around the globe saving on travel expenditures; these are cost-effective in terms of organization and have several other advantages too.

When the pandemic hit the world, all the events that had been planned for months took a backseat; they were either canceled or postponed indefinitely. And then the, virtual events became the new normal, and the world learned how to create effective, engaging online programs. We all sailed through the storm, and everyone had their fair share of learnings along the path.

One of the vital lessons that the event industry learned was that while virtual events have their own set of benefits, live events will always be an integral part of any robust event programs. As we all read over and over that “Necessity is the mother of invention,” that’s what led to the onset and boom of the Hybrid Event Industry.

Due to the ever-changing global circumstances, be it pandemic or some other natural obstructions, there would be times where a virtual event will be the only option. On the other hand, there will also be times where an in-person event would be mandatory and a more effective way of engaging the audience and collecting leads. Hybrid events that conglomerate both the platforms have become the most popular choice in the current times.

When to host a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are the most concrete solution for those programs that need to be conducted both onsite and virtually to expand its reach to the targeted audience. Some of the instances which are perfect for hosting a hybrid event are Trade Shows, Conferences, Global Town Halls, Sales and Marketing Kick-offs, Brand Launching and many more.

These events are quite beneficial when the targeted attendee base is scattered across the globe as well as in case of the following limitations like:

a.     The attendees cannot or do want to travel because of safety, government restrictions or some other health concerns.

b.    Due to budgeting issues limiting the travel expense to optimal utilization.

c.      The venue where the event is being hosted has restricted or limited seating capacity.

The hosting organization can conduct a pre-event survey to garner the response of the attendees, whether their interest lies in onsite or virtual event. If a considerable chunk of people opt for an online option, then going in for a hybrid event is the best option to go ahead.

Hybrid Event Platforms:

With the rising popularity and demand of hybrid events, it’s no wonder hybrid event platforms and software are popping up by the dozens. The quality and quantity of the available technology are growing rapidly, granting you with a wide buffet of platforms to choose from. This constant evolution has kept the event professionals on their feet to select the best of the lot.

Some of the popular Hybrid Event Platforms include Hopin, Cvent, SpotMe, vFairs, InEvent, DREAMCAST, Bizzabo, Socio, Hubilo, Swapcard, Eventdex, Expertshare etc.

DREAMCAST has been a leader in hosting Hybrid Events ranging from Hybrid Fairs, Hybrid AGMs, Hybrid Exhibitions, Hybrid Fest, Hybrid Trade Shows, Hybrid Townhall, Hybrid Shows and Launches, Hybrid Award Shows, and the list goes on. Dreamcast team offers 100% customized and a flexible platform to begin with, they have huge scalable options, i.e., they can host an event of any capacity.

Their major USP is their capability to manage a complete event that includes a 2D/3D/DIY platform to Live Streaming of the event, AWS Server management etc. DREAMCAST can precisely fit into anyone and everyone’s planned budget as their resources are quite modifiable; they can scale up or scale down their features to fit the client’s requisitions. So, they are economical too, as per your budget, they provide tailor made products.

Concluding Remarks:

Hybrid events are going to capture the lion’s share of the event industry. So, it’s highly beneficial for the people related to this industry to keep abreast with all the advents in their field. One of the primary concerns while hosting a hybrid event is the choice of web platform; DREAMCAST is one of the best available as their unparalleled dedication to the success of the event have made them a pro in this particular area.

As per the constant research going around the world, a massive 65% stated their inclination towards having an increased number of hybrid events–as a result of the prevalent scenario. This has led to a tremendous shift; 71% of the total organizations taken into consideration indicated that before the pandemic, hybrid events were not included in their program in any capacity.

But now the industry is paying attention and planning accordingly, a major chunk of businesses said they plan to have a mixture of virtual and in-person events. Of course, hybrid events require consideration that solely in-person or solely virtual wouldn’t, and to help you navigate smoothly through the complete process, there are many 100% customizable web platforms like DREAMCAST available in the market. So, hop in and be a part of the era of HYBRID EVENTS.

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