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Each year thousands of new WordPress Blog Themes are created and designed by developers to facilitate you in making optimized websites. These themes are highly beneficial as they save a lot of money and reduce the burden of finding the correct plugins.

In this article, we have collected and mentioned the 20 best WordPress Blog themes we have tried on our website. It would help if you used them because of their flexibility to alter the page settings with multiple advanced plugins. The 20 best WordPress themes are here.

1. Divi

The number one WordPress Blog Theme on this list is Divi because of the feature and super-fast compatibility. It is often compared with the Avada theme, but its functionality is way better and gives ten times more traffic and better user experience reviews.

If we compare its prices with themes in the market, its price is slightly higher than others, but it is justified by the fact that it contains 86 additional plugins that can be used for APK and Affiliate sites.

2. Astra

Astra has swiftly become the most popular WordPress theme because of its endless customization options and integration with popular builders such as Elementor.

This theme is unique in that it comes with a free edition with a basic range of settings; however, if you want to go any further, you may upgrade and access an extensive design library.

3. BeTheme

The next theme on the list is BeTheme, which contains 650 plus built-in websites you can choose to work on. Its unique features are responsive homepages, customizable UI designs, Ad designs, Single Product Layouts, and live content editing.

It is highly recommended for those e-commerce sites that are looking to add attractive blog posts on their site to educate their customer. 

4. SeedProd

SeedProd is the most advanced WordPress website builder available. It allows you to create your custom theme layout using a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder without writing any code. SeedProd comes with several theme templates that have been professionally prepared.

All of the page layouts you would need for your site and high-converting landing pages are included in these templates. They can be utilized as-is or customized to meet your specific requirements.

It also includes templates for coming soon and upkeep mode, in addition to the theme builder. You may utilize the coming soon page to engage your users and expand your email list while building your website.

5. OceanWP

The OceanWP theme is undistinguishable from the Astra theme. OceanWP is a leader in E-commerce and, like Astra, achieves lightning-fast loading times (Woocommerce). There is a permitted and paid version of OceanWP.

Over 600,000 websites have implemented OceanWP, which is a considerable quantity. It is one of the speediest themes available, and it is also optimized for Woocommerce stores.

Ocean-WP, like Astra, has a free version, making it even more popular. This theme includes a demo library with a variety of appealing layouts.

6. Sydney

Sydney is one of the best in its field because it has its pre-built block builder, which is highly compatible with Elementor Pro.

Sydney is a super-fast theme that is highly responsive for desktop and mobile users. If you are going to use it, it is recommended to use it with Elementor Pro for better optimization. 

7. Extra Theme

Extra theme is designed by the world’s best front page builders, i.e., Elegant themes. The Extra theme was created specifically for news and blogging websites and is well-optimized for them.

The convenience of rapidly adding new articles to the website and everything, including the latest news and most popular articles, changes immediately. The theme has many attractive blog templates that you can easily import into your project.

8. Tracks

Tracks is a freemium theme designed by Canadian developers, and because of its multiple free features, it is currently used by 2.4 million blog sites.

You can add your favorite page builders like Elementor and Brizy. Along with this, a lightweight theme performed much better than its competitor, Gutenberg.  

9. Sahifa 

Although the Sahifa theme features its Page Builder, it is not highly complex. The theme is WooCommerce compatible, but there are only a few “graphic styles” to choose from. This theme’s strength is the capacity to effortlessly construct blogs and e-magazines in multiple alphabets and scripts, such as Arabic.

10. Authentic

Authentic is a simple WordPress theme that works well for any blog. It can be used for a lifestyle blog, a personal blog, a travel blog, or a food blog, for example.

It is a go-to blogging theme because it has many easy-to-use features. It also supports many languages, ensuring that your blog is accessible to individuals worldwide.

11. Ashe

Ashe is one thousand users trust the most user-friendly theme out of that. It has a lightweight WordPress editor with instant paddling editing options. You can design blog posts for any particular niche, like lifestyle, sport, clothing, and traveling.

12. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a performance-oriented theme that is lightweight and offers advanced page builders. As it can be used to build any website, it is a universal theme for bloggers working in 2023.

It is a high-end theme with a plethora of design choices. However, WordPress.org offers a limited-featured free edition. There are almost 200,000 active installations of the free version, with an average rating of 5 stars.

13. Rima

Rima is a WP theme integrated with Gutenberg’s editor. Its pages are responsive, fast, and elegant because its light and user-oriented color scheme engages your audience and improves the average page visit time.

14. Neve

Neve is compatible with the most popular page builders, so you do not need to know how to code to create the perfect website. Additionally, its one-click demonstration layouts make it simple to get up and load quickly.

15. Cenote

Cenote offers three elegant blog post designs with better content representation. It is optimized for better search engine results and loads faster than many other themes. With its nine pre-built demos, you can design blogs for all types of niches. 

16. Olsen Light

Olsen Light is the most optimum choice if you want to design lifestyle blogs on your site. It is an easy-to-use theme that gives ‘a high-end sheen’ to your blogs. A standout feature is almost integrated with all plugins and editors, optimizing the page as per customer response. 

17. Zakra

Zakra is a free WordPress.org theme that is highly responsive and SEO-friendly. It has over 40,000 downloads means that the blogger trusts it. The premium edition of the theme, which includes more features, is available for purchase on the theme’s official website.

18. TinySalt

TinySalt is a simple and elegant blog theme made exclusively for food bloggers, chefs, and small companies. It provides a variety of blog themes and layouts. It allows you to present your material on your blog website pleasantly.

19. Hueman

Hueman is a theme with a modern and adaptable design. Its design will be great for blogs that use a “related posts” technique to keep people on the site.

It is also mobile-friendly, which will appeal to readers on the go. Hueman may be a fantastic alternative for blogging blogs with many things to present.

20. Futurio

The final theme on the list is Futurio, a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to create blog websites. It consists of a large number of demo sites that you can import with a few simple clicks. And your blog website will be up and running as quickly as possible.

In a Nutshell

There are many WordPress themes that you can use for blogging. These themes can optimize the page as per the client’s demand. Many of these themes contain endless customization that you can use easily. All of them are user-friendly. These WordPress themes can be used on PC or mobile. Peace out! Enjoy the themes while using the tool.

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