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Like any other social media, YouTube has its flaws and virtues. YouTube creators have been frequently accused of propagating false standards, misleading information or hatred, etc. While this concerns individual creators, the most common problem is using hate speech and bullying in the YouTube comment section. The YouTube comment can be directed at the creator or viewers. If there’s a conflict between two people, YouTube hate comments can get out of hand. Some users may be harassed or even blackmailed in YouTube comments. To stop these comments, YouTube introduced a feature in which users were required to think twice about the comments they planned in their posts. The feature successfully cut down on YouTube hate comments to a certain extent. However, it did not disappear completely.

Why do you think that hate comments are a problem for creators?

There are two different ways to view YouTube comments. If you prefer to take a frank view, then it doesn’t matter what comments people write within the comments. There are hundreds or thousands of comments in various videos, and you may prefer not to be part of the sub-conversations in the conversations. While this method can guarantee peace of mind, it’s not long-term in the long run for YouTube content creators. Let us explain why.

As a content creator On YouTube, comments play a significant role in determining how you’re making. There is undoubtedly lots of negative feedback in the comments section. However, you also learn general opinions. This, in turn, will allow you to improve numerous aspects of your channels and videos.

If you’re one of those, who pay attention to comments, many negative comments will annoy you. This is especially true if the comments’ tone and language appear infuriating. Inflicting harsh comments or apathy could profoundly impact your mental health, causing you to lose faith in your ability. This is only one part of the story.

On the other end of the story, your comment section could become commonplace for discussing hateful speech and debates. There could be people slandering an individual group or sect in their comment section, which is apparent in the comments section of numerous YouTubers. When such things are discussed in your comments, this can discourage those who are new YouTube subscribers or followers. Your current subscribers cause such chaos in your comments that they are afraid to leave comments.

Your comment section will become an echo chamber, where the hate speech is reacted to by hatred speech. It creates a negative image of your brand, and you’ll have difficulty expanding beyond these boundaries. Your chances of being considered for deals with brands will decrease dramatically, and other YouTubers may reconsider working with you.

Suppose you’re suffering from this issue or are concerned that you’ll be required to take immediate action. If you don’t do anything regarding it, your comments section could pull your YouTube growth before realizing it.

How do you handle negative comments?

If you decide to do something to improve your comment area, you must be sure of your motives. If you’re hoping that people repeat their offense in the comments, you could be on the wrong route. If that’s the method you choose, the motive for cleaning the comment section could be a bid to secure more collaborations and deals. However, this method is neither practical nor ineffective. Your bubble will eventually burst and leave significant marks on the overall performance that you have built for the YouTube channel.

The advantages will soon appear if you’re searching for a long-term solution. The first thing to ensure is that there isn’t a single instance where your content is a source of hatred. If you don’t do this, there’s no way to gain favorable, free YouTube comments. If your content is a source of discrimination or hatred, it will likely attract viewers with a similar outlook. It will continue to receive harmful, abusive, and demeaning comments. When you’re confident about your decision, you can proceed by taking the following steps.

Discuss with your audience negative comments and hate speech.

The first thing that you must do is engage in a heart-to-heart dialogue with your YouTube subscribers and followers. It can be done by way of an email or video. In both cases, try to make the message as robust as possible. Be clear about why you don’t believe in the power of hate and, instead, believe in love. Discuss how you would like your YouTube subscribers are a community that will be among the most positive communities you can find on the web. Then, you can be sure to discuss what it means to you on an emotional and personal level.

When you are in an open dialogue with your viewers regarding these issues, this result will be reflected in the comments section. People will try to dissuade others from commenting on negative posts and forming bonds over positive messages. Your goal is to educate the community on their health and well-being. When the prevailing social norms change, it is not necessary to take any action to maintain your comment section as clear and positive.

Be clear about your social responsibilities.

Much of what we refer to as hate speech is based on an attitude of exploitation and discrimination. Therefore, YouTube has a strict policy against racial slurs and discrimination. Most of the time, the most defiant comment sections are from those who do not display their social views. Don’t make the same error. Be clear that you believe in the equality of all people and tolerate each other. It should be clear that your website is accessible to people of all races and genders.

Suppose you begin to be open about your social views and attract followers who share the same concept. They are less likely to express their anger in the comments. You can keep out hateful people on YouTube by not making them feel comfortable.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior.

There’s no reason to be a keyboard warrior, especially when you’re an online creator for YouTube. It is possible to feel proud teaching a lesson to one troll, but hundreds of others were waiting to follow behind them. As a creator, one cannot make it possible to read through each negative feedback and respond to all of them.

The best approach is that your words speak for yourself. If you pay more attention to those who hate you and your trolls, they are more driven to keep up their machinations. As a content creator, ensure that your content reflects what you believe and believe in.

Make the most use of YouTube settings.

YouTube includes built-in tools and settings that allow you to regulate the way comments appear on the videos. You can do three options: block people from commenting, limit comments, or authorize all comments. By default, you’ll let all comments. The goal is not to use the two other alternatives; however, do not be afraid to use them when the need arises. The idea is to stop only spam accounts that post random promotion messages in the comments section. In the case of bullying and hate speech, restricting is better because you know what is about to be shared. If you are satisfied that it isn’t in violation of the law, you can permit it to be displayed.

There’s another option, the option of deleting comments. However, it is not the best option. It doesn’t provide any benefits of knowing the information that comments give you regarding your presentation and videos. In addition, you don’t allow your subscribers to create an online community within them. The sight of an unresponsive comment section will disengage many users. If you are forced to utilize this feature, be sure it’s because of a reason.

Increase awareness

As a content creator, you can make your words can affect hundreds or hundreds of thousands. Use this platform to send an encouraging voice to everyone. People often make insulting comments because they’re unaware of another person’s struggles. If you can help increase this compassion, then you’ll be doing a favor to society and yourself. As time passes, your reputation will continue to grow, allowing you to gain more subscribers and followers.

Encourage Respectful Discussions

Another way to create a secure environment in the YouTube comment section is to encourage respectful discussions. Creators can set clear guidelines for how they want their viewers to engage with each other in the comments section. This could include asking viewers to refrain from using hate speech or personal attacks. Additionally, creators can encourage positive and constructive discussions by promoting interesting and relevant topics to their audience.


Negative comments are a huge issue for those in the creator community. Everyone creator has dealt with it at one point or another. Instead of sitting back and observing it, you need to be proactive in your capacity. If everyone adopts this approach, YouTube will become a safe place for everyone.

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