Attic insulation

Attic insulation is among the most effective ways of enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. In the absence of appropriate insulation, you lose 50 percent of the heat inside the house. Since attics have large surfaces through which heat can escape, insulation is an ideal addition to your house. 

Whether the weather is humid, cool, or hot, attic insulation can make your house more comfortable and energy-efficient.

What do you need to know about attic insulation? 

Here are some tips on attic insulation:

Always hire a professional: 

A professional will do the work correctly, whether they are using spray foam, fiberglass, or blown-in materials. Moreover, an expert can sport and fix any weak points.

Attic insulation keeps your house warm: 

Insulating your attic prevents the loss of large amounts of heat in cold months. Additionally, an insulated attic helps reduce energy bills since it traps the warm air in your house.

Fix even the tiniest of leakages: 

If you notice any leakage, you should repair it quickly. You can have an expert do a power assessment to pinpoint where the leakages are coming from and fix them.

R-value is vital: 

R-value refers to the measure of the insulation’s capacity to deter heat from passing through it; This value depends on the thickness and the material insulating capacity – The higher the R-value of insulation, the better its quality. 

Pest resistant: 

Insulation can keep pests and rodents from getting into and making your house their home -Squirrels, birds, rats, and mice can be health risks due to animal droppings and dead animals you do not clean regularly.

Minimizes noise from outside: 

Outdoor noises can disturb your sleep, and your loved one’s sleep patterns, along with frighting your pets. An insulated attic can assist in diminishing noises entering your home. It can reduce noise from crashes of thunder, howling wind, and pouring rain. 

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