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In today’s highly competitive business world it is essential for companies to present the right impression. Promoting your company’s logo on different channels for marketing is an effective way to promote your business effectively.

Foam board printing is a flexible tool that allows companies to be noticed in a variety of ways. If you’ve wondered what Foamex is and what it can do for you, then you’re not alone.

The term has been popping on the internet whenever references to advertising options come up. The short version can be that Foamex is a type of foam board with a premium smooth surface.

It’s the ideal solution for your long-term internal marketing needs as well as points of sale items. Furthermore, though it is not ideal for long-term indoor usage, 10mm Foamex printing is quite robust and is an excellent alternative for outdoor use.

Benefits Of Foamex Printing

There are many benefits that come with Foamex print on signs. Let’s examine why this sign is very sought-after.

It Is Easy To Acquire Any Shape

Foamex is flexible and is able to bend easily into whatever shape you want. Also If you need signage that is unique and requires the most unique design, Foamex can accommodate your unique design.


Marketing budgets are extremely strict and, in certain cases, restricted. There isn’t much space for spending too much.

The price of your marketing board shouldn’t exceed your budget. There are other boards popularly used in marketing like Dibond, MDF, wood and more can be quite costly. The least expensive option is foamex, which doesn’t compromise on quality.

Furthermore, they are able to last from three to five years in indoor environments. This makes them an affordable and economical product to use to promote your business’s internal marketing.

Easy To Mount

Foamex signage is simple and hassle-free to install. No matter if you’re installing holes or fixing them to walks, using poles or Velcro, the building site hoarding is able to be easily adapted. Thus, there is no requirement for any additional equipment to put up your sign.

Foamex Can Be Easily Cut

Customers choose to go with the unique shape and size of Foamex board printing to be noticed and fit their budget.

It’s a material that is versatile and can be easily changed into nearly any size or shape. This makes it the best choice for businesses that are looking for a unique appearance for their boards. Their versatility is a major factor in their efficiency in cost.

Lighter Than Other Boards

One of the primary reasons the 10mm Foamex board is so well-known is its lightweight. It is, therefore, quite simple to carry and install your sign. You are able to easily remove and put it back up no matter the whereabouts.

This is what makes it common with food carts or trucks. If you’re a vendor offering items for sale or providing seating for the conference, you can carry your sign with minimal hassle to where you are going to your next location.


Last but not least, Foamex is of the highest caliber in terms of quality. Differentiating features include being fade-resistant and offering full-colour printing.

The Top 3 Benefits Of Printing With Foamex Your Products

Are you in search of creative ways to market your services and products that you can use over and over? If yes, Foamex printing is the solution.

Foam Core Boards are a fantastic material for printing ads as well as cutting. The material is lightweight and sturdy, and is easily cut into any shape.

The best part is that it is possible to print your design or photograph directly onto Foam Core. Utilising the Foamex board is sure to make an impression, and will draw customers to test your product.

Save Money With Reusable Foamex Visual Ads

Most merchandisers and vendors print their posters on vinyl and then attach the poster to the board. Vinyl can shrink with time and results in the edges peeling upwards.

Foamex printing offers a more efficient and less expensive alternative. In this method, the advertisements are printed using a computer and then expanded and then positioned onto Foamex boards to create visually appealing advertisements.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Making Use Of Reused Foamex Visual Advertisements

Through Foamex printing technology, most recent printers can produce high-quality foam board prints that completely eliminate peeling and delamination issues.

The words on the signs of the window of your store will highlight the advantages and themes of your product. When you decide to relocate your business or expand it you are able to reuse Foamex ads.

Professionally-Designed Foamex Posters

Posters draw attention to bypasses and communicate your message to create your brand to the forefront.

They trigger a positive response because people are more likely to be able to spot your posters when they are in a queue, waiting for a taxi or bus. Additionally, posters are appealing and attractive when they are placed in the correct spot.

Here Are The Advantages Of Making Use Of Professionally-Designed Foamex Posters

High-Quality Visual Ads

Through construction site hoarding, you are able to showcase high-quality images in your product advertisements to draw buyers.


Foam board poster makers comprise a graphic artist, a copywriter, as well a printer. It is not necessary to employ additional staff to make your advertising materials.


You can upload pictures and print them on foam board. Additionally, Foamex sheets posters make a fantastic advantage as you can put them practically anyplace.

Durable Foam Boards for Visual Adverts are able to withstand squashing, denting, and stretching due to their tough and sturdy core.

Connect With Your Customers

Foam boards can help you communicate and interact with your clients because they can be designed and printed with attractive graphics, like edited pictures of famous faces like sports stars and celeb icons.

At your store’s booth, you could invite your customers to pick up an item from the foam board advertisement to complete surveys and drop them in this space.

How Do I Avail Foamex Printing?

Foamex printing solutions are readily available on the internet. All you need to do is find an experienced and reliable Foamex printing business.

Here’s how it is done:

Browse Ideas

Go to the Foamex printing site to find the ideal idea for a design or product for your next ad printing project.

Send Your Project Information

Please send the complete information about your ad idea to the Foamex printing company you’ve selected and they’ll contact you to seek professional advice.

Then Wait For The Final Output

Once you’ve confirmed your information after confirming your details, you can hand over the rest to Foamex printing company. Simply wait for a brief turnaround time to receive the final product, and they’ll send it directly to your store.

Here are the advantages of a site hoarding board as the ideal option for your marketing strategies.

1. Lightweight

Foam boards are composed of extremely light foam, which helps to transport them much more easily. This allows for greater flexibility in the event that you have to move between different locations.

In particular, for advertising at trade shows around the country or for selling your goods in markets that are crowded. It is not necessary to worry about the burden of transporting your products or navigating the crowd.

2. Cost-Effective

A well-established brand image is essential to companies that are striving to succeed. Making sure your brand is visible throughout the day strengthens your image as a brand and puts your business at the forefront when it comes to consumers making a purchase.

3. Multi-Faceted

Foam boards are flexible and can be utilise to serve a variety of purposes. Exhibitions and roadshows that use large-format printing of foam board posters can make an impression on the crowd.

For carnivals or company events, a foam board frame is a fantastic idea for props for photo booth printing. Table display stands that are smaller are great for promoting the latest product in restaurants or even your own small-scale business.

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