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When you join Instagram, as a creator or an entrepreneur, you gather diversified experiences. Sometimes, you enjoy success, and sometimes, the bitterness of all failures. But there exists a genre that lies in between the two.

People complain that after being followed by the desired number of Real Instagram Followers, people unfollow them. It sounds ridiculous and those who have had such experience must be desperately looking for the reasons. So don’t get worried.

 Learn where things have gone wrong and why people follow you and unfollow you on Instagram. 

1.     No engagement from your side:

No engagement from your side:

People who have been following you in past might unfollow you because of your lack of engagement with them. Instagram is being called a social media platform, so you need to be social over there.

If you engage more with your followers, you are helping the cause but if there is no engagement from your side, your followers may consider the status of your account as dormant and thus unfollow you. So to retain your current number of followers, you must engage with them as maximum as you can. 

2.     Low-Quality Content:

Most often, the post that might have attracted your audience appears to be a bit different from the post you may upload in the future.

So, when a bunch of audiences being attracted to your one quality post finds the overall content on your page a bit low in quality compared to the previous one, they unfollow you. Quality matters a lot when it comes to sustaining the followers count on your profile. 

3.     Seldom Posting:

What would you do, if your favourite celebrity stopped posting his/her photos or posts one after one year, obviously, you will be annoyed? Your Instagram followers are no different. They expect you to post regularly, with a gap of one or two days, if not daily.

So if you seldom post your content, and the consistency of posting is interrupted, then there is almost a 99.9% chance that they unfollow you. This has been observed to be one of the most common reasons why people follow and unfollow you on Instagram. 

4.     Fake Followers: 

The first thing that you need to quickly consider just after you observe that people have started unfollowing you is just because they were not real in the first place. The explanation for that is quite simple.

When you buy online Instagram followers, mostly, the follower the companies out there provide are fake. They are programmed to follow you for a specific time and then they just disappear.

If you have initially bought Instagram followers and now you are being unfollowed, the reason for that might be the authenticity of the followers. They weren’t real at all. 

5.     Change of page content:

Initially, those who follow you must have found your content compatible with their aesthetics. But if you have entirely changed the type of content you have been uploading, obviously people tend to unfollow you and turn to the sources that they find most suitable.

 So if the type of content you are uploading is not definite, and you are making regular changes to that, there is a chance that people might stop following you. It damages your Instagram reputation and may destroy the efforts you have put in, in order to visualize yourself.

6.     Posting too much:

Posting too much is directly connected to the previous reason. It may lead to spamming of your content. When you post too often, your content ultimately and naturally loses the quality, as the quantity has been magnified. You can focus on one at one time.

So when you post a lot, and the quality is not up to the mark, people start disliking being connected to you. So they may unfollow you. If you are not providing what they want, no matter what quantity you upload, you will always be discredited by them, and eventually, you will be unfollowed. 

Therefore, you must be careful about your posting, the gaps, the relevance and the frequency. If you have a hundred per cent, organic followers, the problem must be with your content.

If you are not sure about followers, get organic ones first and then increase the quality of your content. Frequency counts too, so try to create a balance so that you may not lose followers in the future. 

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