Mother of Pearl

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Mother of Pearl is more common than you believe. It is a lovely gleaming substance that is often used in watch dials, furniture, guitar parts, home décor and, of course, jewellery. It’s an organic substance, like actual pearls, meaning it came from a live creature, plant or organism. Mother of Pearl is a sought-after substance due to its iridescent distinctiveness, stunning brilliance, adaptability and organic origin.

This multifaceted natural beauty has a lot to offer. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these pearls.

What is the Mother of Pearl?

Mother of Pearl is an iridescent material found inside the shells of many mollusks (think mussels and pearl oysters). Mollusks produce nacre as a defensive mechanism against irritants and abrasions that enter the shell. It forms on the shell’s surface, giving it the lustrous, sparkling finish known as the Mother of Pearl.

It is a resilient and iridescent organic-inorganic composite substance consisting of aragonite, a kind of calcium carbonate that is also found in pearls. What’s the best part? No two pieces of it are alike. It’s utilized to create one-of-a-kind items such as a Mother of Pearl bracelet, Peacock pearl bracelet, Pearl and amethyst bracelet, pearl and crystal bracelet, Pearl flower necklace, Triple strand pearl bracelet, Turquoise and pearl bracelet, among others.

Benefits and Properties of Mother of Pearl

  • Bringer of heavenly insight and intuition.
  • It has a relaxing impact on the mind and the body.
  • The lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and adrenal glands can all benefit from it.
  • Due to its great feminine energy, it is also considered to be particularly beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers.
  • It balances hormones and alleviates unpleasant emotions.
  • It gives a sensation of lightness and strength.
  • It gives a healthy boost of confidence.
  • It’s considered to offer calming and stress-relieving effects.
  • It is supposed to aid in heart healing and the expansion of inner wisdom.

It’s no wonder that it helps balance and open up the third eye chakra, given its intrinsic ability to connect us with our inner wisdom. If you are to take our advice, the Mother of Pearl bracelet makes for an innovative and thoughtful present for anyone you care about.

Colors of Mother of Pearl

The light that reflects off the nacre is one of Mother of Pearl’s most appealing features. Below are some of the most typical color combinations seen:

  • Silvery grey tone with little luster
  • White
  • Variety of colors
  • A glossy pink and green mixture

Difference Between Mother of Pearl and Pearl

The Mother of pearl and pearls have distinct composition, values, and history which most people are not aware of.


Nacre, the calcium carbonate substance secreted by an oyster or mollusk, is used to make both pearls and mother of pearl. As a result, both are referred to as organic gemstones. The difference lies in the location of the substance.


Pearls have always been valuable, especially because they are uncommon and out of reach for the general public. Because the Mother of Pearl is easily accessible, it has never held the same value. Despite recent price hikes, pearls continue to be more precious of the two.


Pearls date back thousands of years, and ancient pearl jewellery can be extremely expensive. Although the Mother of Pearl has a long history, it is not regarded as highly as pearls. This is most likely due to the fact that it is easily available in comparison to pearls.

Uses of Mother of Pearl in Interior Design

Mother of Pearl has been a popular material in interior design for centuries. It can be found in a variety of home decor items such as lampshades, picture frames, furniture inlays, and decorative tiles. With its iridescent sheen and versatile color palette, Mother of Pearl adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any living space.

Mother of Pearl in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, Mother of Pearl is believed to have numerous health benefits. It is used to treat a variety of ailments, from stomach disorders to skin conditions. Mother of Pearl is also believed to have calming properties, making it useful for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. In this section, we will explore the history and uses of Mother of Pearl in traditional Chinese medicine.


Undoubtedly, the Mother of Pearl is admired for its beauty. However, there are some people who recognize the healing properties that it can bring to the wearer. While most people may not be ready to believe in gemstone energies, there’s no harm in adding a truly magnificent piece of jewellery to your box. At the very least, it will enhance your look and bring compliments your way. 

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