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Do you want to build a wardrobe of men’s fashion essentials that aren’t just marked with seasonal style trends? We got you with basics and the best deals NZ!

Fashion is a seasonal term that hits our lives every day, and the other it got replaced with another trend. But your style will be a permanent manner that can literally change your world. So, instead of surfing the internet every day in search of what’s trending, make your wardrobe hella sassy to feel “Yourself” every day in trend and confidence!

A gray jersey sweatshirt

Gray color has always looked amazing on men, especially the mottled gray loopback sweatshirt. It brings an off-duty fashion feel to your everyday style that you can style with dark jeans or a sweatpant. And if you are wondering where to wear it, then try it on a walk or visit a gym. Also, you can style it with casual sneakers by considering activity deals NZ to bring more fun and activeness to your everyday life. 

A Bunch Of White T-Shirts And Sweaters 

The word “White” represents a bright sunny day. Also, it sounds quite positive when you wear it on your casual work day or on an outing with your friends and family. Moving on, if you are down to wear a t-shirt, try it with light blue baggy jeans. And in case it’s a sweatshirt, go with anything skinny with a pair of white sneakers. 

A Knitted Polo

Another casual outfit that you can adopt for wearing as “Your” everyday fashion. You can choose a light yellow-colored one with beige jeans to be always ready to get up right away to achieve your goals. 

A Linen Suit

We have talked about casual outfits too much, right? Now it’s time to go a bit formal with a linen suit (try a skin one) with a warm-colored tie with a white long-sleeved t-shirt and pair it with your sunglasses, watch, and Florsheim Midtown Plain Toe. 

A pair of brown leather sandals

Apart from tops and pants, having a pair of brown leather sandals would be a clever choice to add up to your wardrobe right now. You can buy a black one as well. But in the majority, people rather wear the brown one for its classy gaze and royalty.

The Blazer Jacket 

Likewise, to the linen suit, a blazer jacket can be worn at formal gatherings. But the plus point of bringing this chic thing home is you can wear it at casual parties as well – or even while doing grocery!  

A Hoodie 

Wearing a hoodie is a well-known fashion trend that might have been already a part of your dressing style for many years. But let us give you a quick favor – Before wearing a hoodie, decide on what you are going to pair it with. Will it be jeans or sweatpants? And then compare it with where you are heading to!

A Wallet 

A wallet may sound a bit off, but in the world of looking attractive and classy, a guy must own a wallet that sounds sassy and chic with his outfit. 

A Belt 

When you are wearing a low-volume t-shirt, your belt is the most expressive clothing item hanging around your body all day long. So try picking an all-black or all-brown to keep things in balance.

A Denim Shirt 

Denim pants, belts, tops, and especially shirts are everyone’s favorite. But have you ever thought of wearing it with all-black skinny jeans to attract the spotlight? Well, try it now!

Black T-shirts And Sweatshirts 

Black isn’t as positive as white, but one thing is for sure, it sounds more classy and chic most of the time among every color in our closet. Maybe it’s because of the majesty feeling the color gives us. But you know what? That wouldn’t matter if you were styling it like an ordinary guy. Pair it with light blue jeans and you are ready to go off!

White Trainers 

White trainers can go with anything! No matter whether you are visiting an office gathering or a casual late-night party with friends, these two guys will always keep you in your comfort zone no matter what. 

Chico Shorts 

Just like hoodies, we guess Chico shorts are also essential to keep in your wardrobe. You can wear them while playing sports or visiting the sports complex for real-time fun while keeping yourself fit. 

Swim Shorts 

Are you still into the old summer days when you usually went swimming at a public swimming pool with friends to have fun? Well, to be honest, those days are long gone. Now it’s time to big up yourself with brand new swim shorts to make your style sense better than usual. 

Top ways to look good in fashion outfits:

1) Wear dark-colored clothes: Dark colors will make you look slimmer and more attractive. You can wear a pair of dark jeans or black shoes with a white shirt or even a t-shirt for some extra impact.

2) Wear fitted clothes: If you want to look stylish, then wear fitted and slim-fitting clothes like jeans, pants, etc. Wearing fitted clothes will help you stay slim and fit so that people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing it by just looking at your body shape alone.

3) Wear colorful ties: Coloured ties are always a great choice for men who want to stand out from the crowd. They give off a welcoming vibe towards other people around them and make them feel like they have an aura around them that no one else has ever had before!

4) Wear plain colors: Plain colors such as black, grey or light brown suit best with most outfits as these colors will not only compliment your outfit perfectly but also help you look less busy than if you were wearing bright and colorful clothing instead

Summing Up!

Having a great fashion sense and style is the most important thing to include in your everyday lifestyle. You can literally become a smart guy who once was a nerd if you adopt the mentioned fashion style we have listed above. And in case any of you have any questions regarding the fashion essentials we have jotted, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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