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Figuring out what to don to a wedding guest is never simple, but figuring out what to don to a wedding during the summer adds an additional degree of complication. Paradoxically, the sky is clear on the big day, if the last few weeks are any indication, the event is going to be fairly sticky. Therefore, in order to strike the appropriate balance, you need to be certain that the clothes and fabric you wear will not cause you to overheat, that it is comfortable enough to wear all day, and that it looks sophisticated enough to wear while going out in the evening.

This is a difficult task, but with the assistance of our fashionable fabrics, we were able to do it successfully. Continue reading for seven chic recommendations on what to dress for a wedding.


Silk is a great fabric for wedding gowns since it is cool and easy to wear throughout the warm summer months. Kellie Brown may be seen in her video wearing a dress by 11 Honoré and mules with a leopard print. Perfection!


It’s possible that clothing for a wedding guest that’s made of sheer fabric will look incredibly nice. Monikh Dale’s ensemble now has puff sleeves, a long skirt, and strappy shoes, all of which work together to create a well-balanced look.


If you want to wear a skirt that has embellishments, you don’t have to save them for the holidays. Instead, you should instruct them to bring a light shirt that they may tuck in to wear to the wedding.


If you want to stand out at a huge party, there is no better approach than to put yourself in the spotlight by donning an article of clothing that has a pattern that is distinctive and arresting. Summer is the perfect season to experiment with different patterns and prints like floral prints and Animal Print. The use of polka dots is a fail-safe option.


Cutouts, formerly seen as trashy but now considered trendy, are being used as an embellishment on garments in unconventional ways this summer. One of the celebrities looked absolutely stunning in this Aje gown that she wore to a wedding. The event was a formal affair.


A halterneck is making a comeback in fashion this year, and a summer party is the ideal setting to show off this style to its full potential. We suggest going for a pastel hue palette that is comparable to that of Grece Ghanem.


A good trouser suit is a great replacement for donning a dress to a wedding. This brings up an interesting point about wedding attire. Maintaining a looser fit in your summer wardrobe can help you avoid sweating as much as possible. If you wear a silk camisole beneath your suit, you may maintain the appearance of being put together even if you remove your blazer (either because you need to or because you want to).


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