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If you’re looking for the best web hosting in lahore service for your website, it is not a bad idea to consider DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, one of the leading providers of Webhosting in Lahore. In this post, we’ve tried and evaluated the primary services offered by DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, their administration portal, and their customer support. We also have compiled a few customer reviews to give you an impression. Check out our review of DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, the only 100 percent web hosting in lahore service.


DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY (Ligne Web Service) is a French hosting service that entered the market the same year as the OVH, which was launched in 1999. The service, which is 100% made in Lahore, is home to more than 500,000 domains and 3500 managed servers. More than 280,000 hosting sites.

With DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, You will get the assurance that all your data is stored in Lahore. The variety of DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY services, which are targeted at both individuals and professionals, is frequently updated to provide an experience ahead of the curve. These are the significant strengths and weaknesses to consider:


What is it to host a site with DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY? When you first arrive at the site of the host, you’ll be able to see the top deals highlighted. These introductory offers are exciting. However, they’re not the only offers. In this article, we will go over in detail the description of the various deals that DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY offers:

What is the no-cost web hosting service offered by DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY worth?

DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY provides free hosting with only one requirement: purchase a domain. You can choose between domain extensions .com, .fr, .net, .org. Once the domain has been bought, you’ll enjoy 2GB of hosting for free professional email addresses, Webmail, an interface for email, and even complete data. Let’s look at the various deals that you can avail yourself from DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY:

Sharing hosting can be described as the least expensive option when it comes to web hosting. How does it work? It allows you to consolidate many Internet sites onto one web server. It is a highly loved strategy, particularly for its reasonable prices, by small blogs with minimal content.

DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, the entry-level offering in shared hosting, comes with The DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY Perso bundle. This package is perfect for those new to hosting and who want to host small or medium-sized projects.

With regards to features, you’ll be able to access 100GB of storage space on your disk, ten email addresses, one domain name, and access to the website builder, a brand new feature available on DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. To get more excellent “top-of-the-range” performance, the Starter and Performance plans will be better suited. The rates are 3.49EUR or 9.49EUR.

In the realm of web hosting In the world of web hosting, a dedicated server is an internet-connected server that is accessible to one client. In simple terms, the client can host his site, mobile application, mobile app, etc., on a server from which he is alone the owner. The storage capacity and power that the server has will be allocated only to one project.

At DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, the entry-level plan of a dedicated server is EUR69.99. Naturally, it’s higher than shared servers. However, the performance won’t be as good. With this plan, you’ll enjoy 14GB of RAM, 100 Mbs bandwidth, Unlimited monthly traffic, and an anti-spam and anti-virus system, web hosting in lahore.

VPS hosting

A VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual server divided into various compartments. Each compartment has the exact characteristics of a dedicated server, but with the difference that it’s not. This allows for a higher level of flexibility, with no physical constraints and a lower price.

This is the hosting chosen by website owners with a moderate amount of traffic. The traffic is too high for shared hosting but without the demands of dedicated servers.

At DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, the cost for a VPS server begins at 9.99EUR each month. This is the best package for websites with small amounts of traffic. You’ll get 3GB in RAM and 1 VCore unlimited monthly traffic, and 24-hour assistance.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting comprises multiple servers connected within one network. The significant benefit here lies in how the Cloud server can be adapted to the demands at present T. Therefore; there is no problem with resource availability or allocation.

With DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, Cloud hosting is accessible from EUR4.99 per month, with 3GB of RAM and 80GB of disk space, and unlimited traffic. DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY offers 99.9 100% availability with an IP address that is fixed as well as anti-DDOS professional protection. There’s even a free SSL certificate that comes with all its Cloud packages.

WordPress hosting

Are you looking to create your website using the most well-known CMS around the globe? Would you like for it to be hosted on your server? You’ll need to handle updating, optimization, security, etc. If you use dedicated WordPress hosting, everything is more accessible since everything is provided.

DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY provides various hosting services specifically designed for WordPress, beginning at 3.99EUR monthly. For this amount, DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY takes care of the best server configuration for your website Backups and the installation of SSL/HTTPS protocol. Be aware that all packages specifically designed for WordPress are refunded or fulfilled within 30 days.

Minecraft hosting

Minecraft has been among the most popular video games in the last ten years. Many players want to set up their servers to set particular rules and become much more “free” than those on the Lambda server. The primary hosting providers have realized this and offer servers specifically designed for Minecraft.

At DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, the basic pack costs EUR4.99. It’s ideal for accommodating 15 Minecraft players as well as 15 users of the voice server. It is available in less than one hour. The server comes ready-to-use, pre-installed, and free of commitment.

Technical assistance

Let’s begin with one of the significant advantages of DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY its technical support. Support can be reached through a variety of channels:

Telephone, Monday through Friday By phone, Monday through Friday, From 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Live chat is available from Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

In the form of an email or creating an online support ticket. Support ticket support is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Apart from the fact that it is possible to reach customer service in various ways, another significant benefit is its effectiveness. In reality, indeed, DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY teams are constantly on the move. DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY teams are always on the move to give you the assistance you require in a short duration. In addition, if you do not need to seek technical assistance, a wealth of forums and articles are available to aid you.


Choosing DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY means choosing Lahore. In reality, 100% of DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY servers are located in Lahore. The technicians who work on them are also located in Lahore. To ensure that they provide the best service, the company’s front-end servers have a lifespan of just two years. This allows them to provide servers that are at the forefront of technology.

The team members themselves developed the infrastructure that runs across DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. They are, therefore, aware of the subject matter and are familiar with the servers they operate. The company assures the accommodation opens within less than an hour with a watch in hand.

In the end, DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY is, according to them, among the most reliable bandwidths available around the globe. This makes it possible to ensure high availability. (We will discuss this in the following article, but).

Backups & Security

It is crucial to know that every DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY packages provide Anti-DoS security. In the threat of an attack, your site remains accessible. However, Anti-DoS is not the only feature that DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY offers. It also offers SSL certificates. SSL certificate.

To protect your site visitors, digital marketing agency includes an SSL certificate that is essential for every website in every subscription to ensure the security of your visitors. Be aware that backups are frequently performed to ensure that your website is always an available and overall performance of your website.

Apart from that if you want to know about Web hosting services in Lahore then visit our Tech category.