These days webinars have become extensively popular. May it be in the field of education or business these virtual shows have turned out to be a very useful tool that people can use to communicate with a wider audience. It does not matter if it’s a team of 10 people or an international audience of over 1000 the webinar hosting platforms provide different interactive tools which help in organizing and structuring webinars at a small or a large scale. Here are 10 types of webinars that are extremely popular these days

Educational events:

eLearning has become widely popular after the pandemic in 2019 and since then it is used extensively today not just in the form of educational webinars or online courses, but also as an extension of the classroom itself. Teachers and students both can use various AI tools today to enhance the overall teaching-learning process.

Apart from that, webinars help learners gain extra knowledge on a particular topic without them having to travel for hours and restructure their planned schedules. Live webinars definitely need certain time management whereas on-demand or automated webinar sessions can be attended at the leisure of the students. These events need not always be live but rather can be held as hybrid webinars which can be supported by the virtual events platforms that offer hybrid events solutions as well. Some of the best webinar hosting platforms offer interactive tools such as polls and surveys which makes webinars even more interesting.

Employee Training:

This is one of the best uses of the webinar and is becoming really popular in the corporate sector. It is said that 98% of business leaders acknowledge the importance and significance of using a video for training new recruits or even to train existing employees. Through a live webinar, they can ask questions in real-time and clear their doubts. Through on-demand webinars, people can always revisit and make notes whenever there is a need. They can go through specific topics to have a more personalized learning experience. It definitely becomes easy for companies to put their vision and mission in one presentation and reuse it every time they feel there is a need.

Customer Onboarding:

This is a crucial process as it defines the rest of the experience for the customers and can positively or negatively impact the image of the company. The more seamless the onboarding process is the more interested the customers become in the services offered. Once they have decided to partner with a particular brand, it becomes the responsibility of the brand to keep adding value and maintain that partnership. Through an online webinar session, new customers can learn more about the services offered and how they can take full advantage of them. These kinds of webinars would work best if they are in the hybrid version as the host can play the pre-recorded video to explain the basic information and by the end, there can be a Q&A round through which the customers can share their experience or ask doubts.

Product Demonstration:

These kinds of webinars come in handy for the companies and startups that provide products and services and have the intention to capture a greater market. The sales team can prepare smart and creative demonstrations of the product and services they offer which can be shared with large audiences through an online webinar session. This allows the company to showcase their product and pinpoint the solutions their product has to offer to the people. This could be one way to attract more customers.

Corporate Communications:

The number of companies hosting virtual meetings to communicate with the team has increased over time. It is one of the advantages of webinar sessions that they can be hosted for people from anywhere and people can also join from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. These days the best webinar platforms allow the host to broadcast their webinars so that over ten thousand people can join at once. This way companies can have big events where their staff from different branches and different cities can join.

Focusing on Nurturing Customer Relationships:

At times it is easy to create a customer base but the tough task is to actually turn those leads into paying customers. Today’s business world is the new battleground and retaining faithful customers is a challenging and never-ending process. Webinars are a boon in such cases where the customers can get special invitations for big announcements and launches of new products. These personalized efforts leave a small yet significant message to the consumers resonating that they are a part of this huge community associated with a particular brand. Webinars have the potential to help companies demonstrate their specialities through virtual events platforms which provide tons of features to have a more tech-savvy presentation when compared with their competitors!

Branding Management:

Advertisements can build or break a brand and the best way to advertise oneself in an impactful way is through Webinars. They can support in building custom-made brand awareness and status by connecting them with their customers. By building trust and convincing customers any brand can reach the top of the leader board and more customers will definitely align themselves with the company.

Exclusive Membership Content:

Everybody likes something extra and it is always appreciated that once in a while an organization should do something for their loyal customers to strengthen their bond. Webinars can be the perfect way to add value to this package as they would make the customers feel special. It depends upon the policy of the associations to offer such webinars free of cost or to charge a minimal amount to those who do not have the membership. These kinds of events not only make the members feel special but also exclusive.

Lead Generation:

These kinds of webinars are expected to deliver educational and knowledgeable content on any particular topic which targets a particular problem that the audience is facing and the business is ready to provide a solid solution to it. The main idea is to capture the attention of the attendees and gain new leads that can be connected with post-webinar. It all depends upon the credibility reflected throughout the presentation which can turn the webinar into the best webinar session for the company. It has to be convincing and must motivate people intrinsically to be a part of the organization and enjoy its services. It is believed that lead generation webinars are almost a win-win situation as with every registration the data bank keeps on increasing and one also gets to interact and educate the audience on their terms.

Panellist Discussion:

Last but not least a round-table discussion on a particular topic with a few experts from the niche in the panel can be a great way to have an interesting event. Panel discussions seem to be the most engaging form of webinars as there is a moderator, a few panellists, and many conflicting and supporting ideas that are discussed in a disciplined manner. People can pre-register themselves so that the panellists can also prepare themselves for the crowd.


To sum up it can be said that with time webinars have evolved and become more flexible to such an extent that they have captured all sectors of the economy. Their extensive use speaks for their versatility. It can be said that if an association knows how to manipulate webinars and use them with the help of webinar hosting platforms like Dreamcast, then it can secure its place in the market very easily.