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People who have faced mobile sound and audio issues know how frustrating they can be. No one wants an issue where they cannot even hear anyone or can’t be heard during a call. Fortunately, a mobile repair shop in Fresno provides troubleshooting tips to fix these issues. These repair shops always help clients with a wide range of cell phone repairs. Many people must understand that they need to stop doing DIY and bring their smartphones to professionals who can help them with such concerning issues.

How to do troubleshooting? What are the methods to deal with sound issues? These are a few questions that arise in the mind of people when they face audio problems. An electronic repair shop in Fresno offered a few troubleshooting tips to help people. Here is everything you need to know.

Look into your Audio Volume

The first tip that smartphone and tablet repair offers is the simplest step which is often a culprit looking into the audio volume. Usually, a sound issue arises not because something is wrong with your device but because the phone user has unintentionally turned down a key volume setting. People sometimes plug their headphones in and forget about turning the volume back up, so when they remove them, the sound is gone. Before you start panicking and thinking about some serious damage, check all the settings of your mobile phone and check if the volume settings are correct.

Check if Do Not Disturb Mode is Disabled

Suddenly, if you notice that the call notifications and sound notifications have stopped coming to your phone, check if you have accidentally enabled the do not disturb mode. This model is designed to silence all the call notifications and other notifications so you won’t be disturbed. But if you want to receive all the calls and sound notifications and have inadvertently turned it off, check your phone’s settings and disable it if it’s enabled.

To disable this feature, you must swipe down from the top of your device’s screen to access the control panel. Look for the Do not disturb feature and disable it if you don’t want it to be enabled.

Bluetooth Problems

A user sometimes forgets that his phone is connected to a Bluetooth device, so no sound is coming out of his phone. It is not unusual to unintentionally leave your phone connected to Bluetooth even after you have finished using it, and that’s why you can not hear any audio and call from your phone, even through speakers. If you suspect anything like that, go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and see if any devices are connected to your Bluetooth. If you see a device connected to Bluetooth that you are no longer using or if you don’t even recognize the device, just disconnect it to solve your sound problems.

The above-mentioned issues are simpler issues that arise due to user error. They can easily be solved by looking into the setting on your phone. However, mobile repair shop like Cell Pros Fresno suggests some tips for the issues that signal larger problems in the long run. Let’s go over these issues below.

Try a Headset

If you have tried everything mentioned above and there is no problem that you have gone over, then you must try using a headset. By doing this, you would know where the problem arises, whether in the speakers or the mobile phone itself. If you do not have a headset or headphones, try using a Bluetooth device to see where the problem lies.

If you can hear sound and audio through headphones and Bluetooth but not from the phone itself, then you would know that the problem is not in your mobile phone’s network connection but in the hardware of your phone, especially the speakers. Though if the problem stays there, follow the next step.

Phone Reset

As an ultimate resort, try and reset your phone if nothing solves your problem. This should be the last resort because it will delete all the settings and data from your mobile phone, so ensure you have backed up all the important data before proceeding.

For iPhone and Android devices, resetting options may vary. If you have an iPhone, go to settings > general > reset > erase all settings and content. But if you have an Android phone, go to settings > system > Reset Option.

After following these steps, check if the sound has returned to your phone. If yes, it’s great, but if not, there is a problem with your hardware, and you need to get it checked by a professional technician.

See a Professional

If nothing above solves your problem, then you are likely to have a hardware problem with your device, and unluckily, you cannot solve a hardware problem in your home. You have to take your device to a smartphone and tablet repair shop so that they can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem with your cell phone.

The best thing to do is to let these professional technicians do their job and fix the issue. After trying everything, a person gets frustrated, which is normal, and thinks it is worth spending all the money on cell phone repair when I can buy a new phone. Well, the answer to this depends on several factors, like the age of your mobile phone, the severity and seriousness of the issue, and the insurance of your device. However, it is much better to get your phone fixed in a repair shop which will also be cost-effective, particularly now that the price of these new smartphones is skyrocketing into four and five figures.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sound issues with your mobile phone can be frustrating and can disrupt your daily routine. However, with the right troubleshooting tips, you can quickly diagnose and fix the issue, saving you time and money. Whether it’s a problem with the speaker, headphone jack, or software settings, a mobile repair shop in Fresno can provide the expertise and tools necessary to get your phone back to optimal performance.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you can identify the issue and take the necessary steps to resolve it, without having to take your phone to a repair shop. So, the next time you encounter sound issues with your mobile phone, don’t panic – refer to these troubleshooting tips and take control of the situation.

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