Trendy blouse designs for women to pair with traditional clothes this wedding season

Blouse designs

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Wedding season and beautiful clothes go hand in hand. If you realize that you need to attend a wedding, you automatically start thinking about different styles of designs for your dresses. And there is nothing more elegant and rustic than a traditional saree. You can wear the most simple and elegant saree for a wedding, yet it would look perfect and beautiful with beautiful blouse designs. 

But how to make your saree interesting and extremely gorgeous? Well, it all lies in the kind of blouse you design for yourself. It is high time that you ditch the common blouse designs and opt for the fancy ones to make your wedding look perfect. 

Mentioned here are some of the most trending blouse designs that you need to try for your traditional saree. 

Knots and bows 

If you are in a big fashion dilemma, always go minimal. You might wonder why it would not be perfect for a wedding season. Well, you should not underestimate the power that minimal and simple colors hold. You have to be smart enough to choose the right option for yourself. 

You can go for something that has bows and knots at the back with no heavy designs. Whenever you are in doubt, this piece would be a savior. 

Floral designs

Well, this is the most trending fashion. You would not find a more unique and beautiful blouse than this. If you are looking for something very stylish and beautiful, get yourself a sequence strap blouse with a floral network all around. 

You can pair this blouse with a lehenga as well as a saree. You will fall in love with this design and how beautiful it will make your attire look. 

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Using tassels for an elegant look 

You will get a traditional as well as modern vibe with this blouse design. You can add tassels to the back of your blouse and create a fresh and funky look. You must have seen several celebrities wearing such designs. It is a fresh one and is trending this wedding season. 

Deep neck ruffle design blouse 

If you are someone who loves deep-neck blouses and want different kinds of styles in them, this design is perfect for you. A ruffle neck is a very 90s kind of design, yet it gives a very modern look because of the deep neck. It is a unique blouse design and would pass vintage vibes. 

Embroidery over the net 

This is the most beautiful blouse design you will ever come across. A net blouse with golden embroidery all over is the only design you need for this wedding season. If you want to experience your look, then you can surely opt for this one. This blouse would pass on some super-sophisticated vibes. 

Buttons on the back 

Well, the most common blouse designs that have been made for a very long time consist of buttons on the front. 

But, now that times have changed and people want to try out different blouse designs, a blouse with buttons on the back is the perfect design you need. This design seems like a great idea that doesn’t go overboard for the wedding season. 

Puff sleeves on the blouse 

You would find this kind of blouse design mostly worn by south Indian brides. This blouse design gives a traditional, retro, and 90s vibe. You might want to pull off a completely traditional look for a wedding, this style is going to be perfect for you. Wear a traditional Kanjivaram silk saree and pair it with this blouse. You would look perfect for a wedding. 

Crop top blouse 

This is a very trendy design these days. People have ditched the basic blouse ideas and moved to wear different styles of crop tops with sarees. You can pair this blouse with a lehenga or a beautiful ruffle saree. 

Crop top blouses will be the perfect blouse designs if you are looking for a complete indo-western look for this wedding season.  In case you want to buy classy crop tops to pair with a saree or a lehenga, visit Ajio. This website will provide you with a lot of options. Use Ajio discount codes to grab great discounts on your purchase.

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