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Bathroom maintenance and care don’t just include ordinary cleaning. It is more than just regular cleaning. Apart from the fixtures, you should also clean the bathroom vanities. Surely you want it to look as good as it did when you first installed it. However, you cannot simply sit back and assume that they are going to maintain themselves.

If you fail to take proper care of the discount bathroom vanities, they can start showing signs of premature damage. It can lead to the buildup of grime and dirt, which might become a health hazard.

But you cannot clean your bathroom with just any cleaning element. If you are not careful about what you are using to clean it, you might end up damaging the cabinet. You can use waterproof paint for bathroom cabinets but that’s not enough.

For your convenience, we are going to list the top cleaning items you can use to clean the affordable bathroom vanities.

Warm Water and Mild Soap

It is one of the simplest methods to clean the bathroom cabinets. Warm water and a mild soap can help you make a perfect cleaning solution if you have wooden vanities.

Take a mild soap and mix it with warm water to form a solution. Thereafter, use a sponge to wipe the vanities with the solution. You have to use a teaspoon of liquid soap for a cup of water.

Decide on the quantity of soap you want to use based on the number of cabinets. But make sure that you don’t use excessive water. Only use a little for gentle cleaning. When you are done wiping the vanities with the solution, use a dry cloth to take off the unnecessary moisture.

Some apply the water and soap as splatters. It works better and faster if you splash the oil soap on the bathroom vanities. Then use a clean and dry cloth as a touch-up for drying up the surface.

Water and Vinegar

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar. Then use a soft cloth for wiping the surface of the cabinets.

As you dilute the vinegar with water, it will become a safer cleaning solution for your wood cabinets. It will also let you preserve the finishing of the cabinet. As it has been diluted with water, it won’t bleach the polish of the furniture.

But you might have to get a little used to the strong odor of vinegar.

Water and Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used to be a cleaning agent. Also, it is much milder than vinegar. Use it to make a paste of baking soda by mixing it with a little water. After you mix water and baking soda, use a soft cloth for cleaning the cabinets.

But you have to be careful with the cleaning method. Even though it is mild, baking soda might be a little abrasive. If you clean the modern bathroom vanities vigorously with paste, you can tarnish the wooden material of the cabinet.

This can lead to permanent damage. Make sure you are gentle and don’t rub too much paste.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great bathroom vanity cleaning agent. It won’t harm a person using it to clean the vanities. Often, homeowners use it for cleaning their bathtubs. But you can use the same to clean the surface of the bathroom vanities. Just apply some hydrogen peroxide to the surface and allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes.

As hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties, you can also use it to clean bathroom surfaces.

Bottom Line

All these techniques can help in maintaining your vanities. But if you want to know how to protect your bathroom vanity from water damage, you have to follow some other tricks.

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