Mehndi Function

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An Indian wedding is a grand celebration in itself. It is nothing less than a festival. It is lavish. All the functions such as the Mehandi function, and Barat function are associated with the wedding are celebrated with much pomp and show. There are pre-wedding functions, wedding functions and post-wedding functions. And for all these functions, an Indian woman requires different Indian wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are also lavish and grand like these weddings. Anarkali suits, designer lehengas, designer sarees are some of the Indian dresses that women prefer to wear during these functions.

Among the pre-wedding functions, mehndi is one of the most important ones. It has many cultural significance. Legend has it that, the darker the colour of mehndi, the more the love and affection between the bride and the groom. This ritual is considered auspicious. The hands and legs of the bride are adorned with the intricate designs of henna. In some communities, grooms also apply a little amount of henna to their hands. Not only that, all women attending this function adorn their hands with the intricate designs of mehndi. Since the designs are intricate, such intricate designs of Indian wedding dresses are also needed to coordinate with it. Indian lehenga, sharara, anarkali suit are some of the dresses that women prefer to wear at this function. Let us now look at some of the best Indian dresses that you should prefer to wear in a mehndi function.

1. Long Kurti Lehengas

Whether you are going to be a bride or are someone who is attending the wedding functions, designer lehengas should be your first choice. Under this category comes the long kurti lehenga. It is an ensemble of a long kurti either heavily embellished or with minimal work, a lehenga skirt and a dupatta. Sometimes the skirts are simple, if the kurtis have intricate designs. Sometimes the skirts are heavily designed, if the kurtis have minimal work. They come in a variety of patterns and styles. Also they are in different colours. If it is a themed mehndi function and green is the colour, you can go for a green colour long kurti lehenga.

If there is no such theme, you can opt for the colour of your choice.

2. Banarasi Silk Lehengas

It is the best Indian lehenga you can opt for a mehndi function. It goes well with both the day and the night function. It is heavily designed. It has many intricate designs which will be a great combination with the designs of the mehndi. It comes in various patterns and motifs, which is further is a cherry on the cake. Either the choli, skirt and dupatta are of one colour or are of different colours. You can choose either of them.

3. Mirror Work Lehengas

If you want to shimmer and dazzle in a mehndi function, a mirror work lehenga should be your first choice. It comes with different motifs, thread and mirror work. It has either minimal work or highly embellished work. It gives you a feel of a princess. It makes you look elegant and royal. It comes in different colours and motifs. If you are wearing this lehenga, you are going to be the centre of attention in the mehndi party.

4. Golden Colour Anarkali Dress

If lehenga is not your choice, you can opt for anarkali suits of different colours and designs for a mehndi function. If you want to go with the trend, you can opt for a beautiful golden colour anarkali dress to look like a princess. Or you can also opt for a different colours of anarkali dress with golden embroidery work. It completely depends upon your choice. They are sometimes heavily designed and sometimes they are with minimal work.

5. Green Colour Anarkali Dress

As you know, for a mehndi function green is the main theme colour. It is because henna is green in colour. Therefore, most people prefer to have green as their theme colour for the mehndi function. If you are attending a mehndi function with this theme, or you want this colour as a theme for your mehndi function, you can choose an anarkali dress of this colour. They come in different hues of green with different patterns, motifs and designs. The designs are sometimes intricate and sometimes minimal.

6. White Printed Anarkali Dress

You must be wondering, which colour of anarkali suit to opt for, if the mehndi function is in the noon. Well, if the function is in the morning or at noon, a white colour anarkali dress with multi-colour abstract print should be your first choice. This will be the best choice for you, if bold colours are not your preference. It will give a hypnotic look to your get up. You will look no less than a queen. It will make you look majestic, alluring and fashionable. Moreover it is easy to wear and comfortable for a day function.

7. Sharara Suit

When it is a mehndi function, sharara goes well with this function. It is an evergreen choice for a mehndi function. It gives a grandiose look to your get up. It is easy to wear and makes you feel comfortable. It makes you look stylish and fashionable. This attire exclusively gives a sophisticated and posh look to your get up. You can choose a heavily designed sharara to look more elegant.

Summing Up

Whether you are opting for anarkali suits, designer lehengas or an Indian lehenga, you are going to slay with your look in a mehndi function. Indian wedding dresses symbolise beauty and culture of India. And Indian wedding functions are the epitome of love, affection and unity. When these two come together, the moment becomes grand and extravagant. 

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