It is critical for corporate success to keep up with the latest industry advancements, particularly in technology. As a result, business leaders must always be on the lookout for new technology that might help them improve their results and workflow.

Predicting which applications and tools will be long-term winners can be difficult with so many new apps and tools on the market. The 15 most cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionise the way business development executives and their teams work are listed below.


At this point, it may sound cliche, but blockchain technology has a lot of ramifications for corporate growth. Despite the fact that many of its uses are limited, new advancements in oracle technology are making it easier to track and organise many types of data on the blockchain. Even in the field of iGaming software solution providers like GammaStack uses blockchain technology to provide a wonderful experience to their users. Thus, its potential to improve and disrupt numerous processes has yet to be fully realised.

Business Intelligence Embedded

Executives must be informed ahead of time about market developments and client difficulties as part of their daily development. Executives require forecasts enabled by embedded BI, which uses AI and big data to provide them with important business data on a continuous basis, in order to acquire the best-qualified indicators ahead of the change itself.

Tools for Customer Communication

You can’t go wrong by getting to know your clients, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Make the time to speak with them.What keeps people awake at night, exactly? What is it that drives them insane during the day? Assist your consumers in navigating these trying times, and they may lead you to a hitherto undiscovered market.

Visual Presentations that have been ‘Appified’

According to Forrester, digital and remote selling accounts for 80% of B2B sales. This is true not just now, but always. As a result, business development executives are rethinking virtual collaborations. Static sales content and large, linear presentation decks aren’t going to cut it. To evolve the engagement experience, use new “appified” presentations and content to offer visual pizazz, tailored insights, and storytelling pivots.

Video Messaging with a Personal Touch

The next-generation customization that really resonates with prospects is little, bite-sized tailored communications using video and done successfully with a solution like Loom. I’ve also had great success with lemlist. To significantly enhance response rates, I use humorous, candid photos and then personalise something in the image, such as using their name on a cup of coffee.

Since remote work is here to stay, it’s critical to retool field sales with many of the talents that inside salespeople possess. By reaching consumers and prospects of all sizes where they are online, tools like Outreach provide a succession of touch points and foster deeper engagement. It organises emails, phone conversations, and social media in a highly effective manner, saving time while producing demonstrable outcomes.

Intelligence of Intent

Knowing what your consumers’ intentions are before approaching them is known as intent intelligence. This allows business development teams to sort the wheat from the chaff and focus their efforts on prospects who are serious about adopting their product or service. There are existing technologies on the market that provide this intelligence to sales teams.

Technology for Attribution

Although attribution has been around for a long time, it is now affecting everyone in the business, from the C-suite to the front lines. Marketers and decision-makers may now link marketing initiatives to sales and profitability thanks to this new technology. This eliminates a lot of the creative layers while also providing organisations with the actionable data they need to pivot and stay nimble.

Team Management in the Cloud

For 2022 and beyond, cloud team management will be the game-changer. Normalcy has vanished.No such thing as a new normal exists. Thousands of businesses and millions of people are making adjustments to fit this new reality. Cloud team management solutions that help connect the dots will be at the top of the game.


We live in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) can help us reach goals that were previously inaccessible or took a long time to investigate. Companies who embrace technology will be able to keep ahead of their competitors, while those that do not will suffer as a result of their failure to do so.

Tools for teleconferencing

Quality remote communication technologies that enable us communicate when face-to-face options are not accessible are more important than ever before. These techniques can also be utilised to expand your geographical client base while saving money in the long run.

Intelligence in conversation

By understanding what is said on sales conversations and turning it into real-time guidance, conversation intelligence is changing the way we create connections and give value to customers. Conversation data shows sales people how to tailor interactions to match clients’ demands and generate the greatest income. This insight highlights coachable times in teams that require the most attention for managers.


ConnectandSell is an emerging technology that I’ve seen improve the way business development teams work. It’s a tool that helps salespeople boost their call-to-connect rate with decision-makers. In other words, instead of six to eight important discussions per day, our platform will allow you to avoid serial dialling and have six to eight meaningful talks every hour. As a result, each rep has more qualifying prospect meetings.

Analytical Support

Augmented analytics will arise as a result of AI and BI technology cooperating. By determining data kinds automatically, automating suggestions, and increasing conversational analytics, augmented analytics will lead to increased corporate efficiency. Users with fewer technical backgrounds will learn analytic literacy as a result of AI’s integration with BI, according to business development executives.

Learning from Computers

Business development teams are becoming hyper-focused on understanding their prospects and clients thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Access to intelligent data generates significant insights into every element of the industry, converting data into business money, from trends to predictive analysis and beyond.

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