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When it comes to a small bathroom or cloakroom makeover, you are left with only a few options. If you know a lot about toilets, then one thing that you can easily notice is that the size has decreased over time. The toilets in the 1970s were a lot bigger than what we have today. The bigger cistern could accommodate a lot of water too. One time flushing used to consume around 30 litters of water. So, over time, not only did toilets design become compact, but also the focus shifted towards water conservation. Therefore, modern toilets not only take less space but use around 7-liter water per flush. 

Although, the toilets we have today are more compact than ever before. But we also have smaller bathrooms over time. Therefore, there is a need to save maximum space to make it suitable for small bathrooms or cloakrooms. Among such options, you have a short projection toilet that can help maximize space-saving. 

If you are looking for a minimalist toilet for your bathroom, then it will be worthwhile to know a bit more about this toilet. 

What is a Short Projection Toilet?

It is a space-saving toilet design that has minimum projection or footprints into the bathroom. To make it possible, the toilet bowl has a reduced depth and width than a standard toilet. When you have a small bathroom, then every inch matters. If you can save a few inches from the toilet, it can help a lot. That’s the concept behind such toilets. Other than that, these look perfectly the same as the standard toilet, and you would not easily identify the difference. 

What Short Projection Toilet Options Available?

Generally, you have three main toilet options available. Here is how you can use a short projection toilet design with various options. 

Short Projection Close Coupled Toilet. 

If you want to install a close coupled toilet, then these are specially made options available. You will need to ask for a short projection toilet. As the bowl has a close joining with the cistern that sits on it, you will have to order it as a complete toilet. There may be slight variations in design and sizes. Therefore, it is important to decide about it carefully. 

Short Projection Back to Wall Toilet. 

In case you want to opt for a short projection back-to-wall toilet, then you can easily find a separate bowl for it. Since the back to wall toilets has a separate WC unit, you can order both separately. You will need to make sure that you order a short projection toilet bowl. 

Short Projection Wall Hung Toilet. 

In case you want an ultra-minimalist design that is already perfect small bathroom wall hung toilet, then you can simply choose a short projection toilet pan. Everything will remain similar other than the choice of the pan that should be wall hung design. 

What Size a Short Projection Toilet? 

If you are planning to install a short projection toilet, then it will be worthwhile to understand the size of this toilet. The sizes of this type of toilet may vary. The standard distance from the front to the back maybe around 600mm to 800mm, depending on what you choose. In addition to that, the depth will be less than 650mm. Such size has less than the standard projection for the space around. 

Is Short Projection Toilet Comfortable?

Since the short projection toilets have less width and height, many people think that these can be uncomfortable. Generally, this perception is no true as such toilets are pretty much similar inexperience as a standard toilet. For a person with normal height and weight, comfortably use them. However, if you are heavier than normal, then it may be uncomfortable to use it comfortably. 

Final Thoughts about Short Projection Toilet. 

A short projection toilet can be a great solution for a small bathroom. Despite being less in size, it is not uncomfortable to use. You can choose the size as per your requirements from various options like short projection close coupled, back to wall, or a wall hung toilet. You can get all types of toilets from the Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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