CV Writing Help Birmingham
CV Writing Help Birmingham

 1. Have a cover letter briefly describing why you chose this company and this position. Sincere, without exaggeration. As part of a startup, HR wants to see people who are interested in what we’re doing. You are welcome to join us if you can reflect this interest with your unique perspective and thinking.

 2. The resume can show the job seeker’s aesthetic requirements for layout, format, etc. A resume is the output of oneself. If you have higher requirements than the average person for this output, I believe that behind this resume is a responsible and motivated person. Resume and job search are your own business. If you don’t ask to do well in your business, how can HR trust you to do your job well?

 3. Clearly articulate the main points and causal connections before and after their relevant experience and use data to illustrate specific results. For example, when applying for a position as a product designer, you can write about what functions you designed and how much improvement it has brought. I am most afraid of seeing the product designers say what they have done and how many registered users they have brought. If you don’t have this skill, then you can get it from CV Writing Help Birmingham, where there are many Experts. When writing a resume, whether the person is stacking content on it or is examining and thinking about himself, there is still a big difference between the two. The person who can speak lets HR know that his professional ability is excellent; no matter how high-end the previous position looks, the person who can’t speak is still a parallel importer.

 4. The description of experience can reflect good work habits and style. It’s hard; HR rarely sees resumes that say it well, but it is critical for future roles on the team. If the previous experience was as a leader, it would be impressive to describe the management-related experience clearly. If the previous experience is more of a collaborator, it can also be impressive to describe one’s role and experience from a grassroots position to the level of the entire team.

 People without relevant work experience, especially fresh graduates, may feel that they have a very large experience disadvantage. This is a disadvantage, but it should also look at the recruiter’s needs. If you can acquire many skills in the position you are applying for through training in a short period, you should highlight your intelligence and practicality in your resume, that is, your learning ability, so that the recruiter thinks that you can make up for yourself in the short term. Weaknesses, people with great potential. Therefore, in addition to the absence of the above deduction items, the resume characteristics that HR appreciates are:

 1. Have a cover letter briefly describing why you made such a plan and choice for your career. Sincere, without exaggeration. As a person in the Internet industry, I hope to see your unique thinking on the Internet. As a person in the Internet company, HR is eager to see how you chose us from many similar companies. As the interviewer for the position you are applying for, HR would like to see how you think about this position, what kind of growth you expect, and whether you have searched to see what this position is about to do. How much preparation is there for this?

 2. What intersections do you currently have with the Internet, what in-depth research and thinking have you done on these intersections, and how deep are these research and thinking? As a person who wants to join the Internet industry, if you can keenly see some interesting phenomena and trends from the products you use, the communities you have been in, and the experience of your friends and relatives, do some research and try yourself, and conclude Some conclusions. Valid verification of the conclusions – this will be very interesting to HR, even if you may only be a sophomore. And these things I said have nothing to do with age or educational background. The core of HR’s concern is whether you are paying enough attention to your Internet life and are interested in the Internet.

 3. You have an experience you are very proud of and show HR the results of that experience. For example, your blog operated Weibo, operated WeChat public account, your open source project, your website, your own Taobao store, your own travel experience, etc. In short, let me see that you are curious and imaginative about your life and willing to put in the effort and give it a try.


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