Rainn Wilson net worth

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Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson net worth has been reported at fourteen million dollars. Rainn is a multi-talented person, he is a fine actor, he can with all this he also direct films. With these abilities, he also likes art collections. Wilson also produces television series and plays his role as a voice actor. For the movie ‘Galaxy Quest,’ he started acting. Wilson is among the co-founders of SoulPancake, a company that offers digital entertainment. In the field in Comedy Series, Wilson has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor for three straight years.

Height, and weight

Rainn Wilson is a 1.78m height person. His weight is about 80kg, approximately. Having been an actor his entire life, he is a professional. Currently, he is 56 years old.

Early Life

The science fiction novel Tentacles of Dawn was written by Seattle-born Rainn Percival Dietrich Wilson, born on the 20th of January, 1966, to yoga instructor Shay Cooper and Robert G. Wilson (1941-2020), an author, poet, and business consultant. Wilson was raised living in Nicaragua with his stepmother and father, Kristin before the couple split and relocated to Seattle.

Personal Life

In 1995 Wilson was scheduled to get married to Holiday Reinhorn. Both of them meet at the University of Washington. Wilson and Holiday are both students of acting. Their son was born in 1995. Walter Mckenzie was born in 1995. The Pitbulls and pigs, and a zonkey are some of the animals living at home. The entire household is Baha’i.

Family of Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson married fiction writer Holiday Reinhorn in 1995. The couple met at a writing workshop in Seattle, and their relationship has been going strong.

Rainn and Holiday have a son named Walter McKenzie Wilson, born in 2004. The couple is known to keep their personal life private and doesn’t share much about their son in the media.


Wilson is a former student of Kellogg Middle School and Shorecrest High School. These schools are situated in Shoreline, a city of Washington. He is also known for his excellent skills in bassoon and clarinet games. Wilson is also a member of his school band. Wilson’s family moved to Wilmette, Illinois, so Wilson could attend New Trier High School when he worked at the Baha National Center there. In 1986, Wilson got his bachelor’s degree in acting.

Wilson gets this degree from the University of Washington, Seattle. He went on to join the Tisch School of the Arts in the Graduate Drama Program located at New York University, where Wilson earned an MFA in performance and worked as director for The Acting Company. Rainn Wilson worked in the restaurant when the time he was young.


The Life Coach and Sahara were both comedic films that Wilson starred in in 2005. The year 2008 was the first time Wilson got elected to be a member of the Senate. Wilson was in the TV show The Office playing Dwight Schrute, a neurotic office worker. In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Wilson was on the list of nominees of the Emmy in the category of Best Supporting Actor. In addition to these nominations, the show’s cast was also nominated twice for the SAG Award for outstanding comedy. Wilson directed three fantastic episodes of this series which are following:

  • The Cover-Up season 6
  • Classy Christmas season 7
  • Get the Girl season 8

Wilson was the most recent version of the group to perform Saturday Night Live in 2007. “Jim Mike” appeared in advertisements to support the United States women’s national team during the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2007. Wilson also appeared in Ferraby Lionheart’s “Harry and Bess” and various music videos in the year 2010. In these videos, he sang Andy Grammer’s Wilson also takes part in the famous movie Harry and Bess, written by Ferraby Lionheart. He also performs in multiple music videos. All this work he has been done in the year of 2010. Along with this work, he also sings two songs by Andy Grammar which are:

  • “Keep Your Head Up”
  • “Scary elevator, man.”

A personal psycho-thriller, Cooties, and a psychological thriller, The Kid, were Wilson’s 2014 movies. Wilson played the part of Everett Backstrom, a contentious suicidal, delusional, and suicidal detective who is part of a bizarre criminology team as seen in the Fox Crime drama Backstrom. . Wilson was the author of the film. Following 13 seasons, Fox decided to cancel the comedy. In 2016 the actor made a cameo performance on Roadies as a famous guest.

The reason Rainn Wilson was effective as Dwight Schrute to Steve Carell’s performance as Michael Scott was his ability to provide the ideal counterpoint. Scott rarely took his job seriously and frequently shown such managerial incompetence that he frequently jeopardised the livelihoods of his staff. In contrast, Schrute was the obsessive, devoted employee who handled his job with manic priority.

Real Estate

Wilson’s house is located in Agoura Hills, California, and is believed to be sold for over $1.7 million as of 2020. ‘Dwight’s Beet Farm,’ the most famous TV character of Wilson’s, may have been influenced by the writers and artists’ paradise in old Agoura, according to an official listing of the property, which begins with the following news story: “This celebrity-bought writers and artists’ paradise in old Agoura may have inspired ‘Dwight’s Beet Farm” on TV.”. The property has three bedrooms and three baths, and 3 “flex rooms” that the next owner could utilize for whatever they like. 

Rainn Wilson Net Worth

Rainn Wilson is a famous actor with fantastic comedy skills and a renowned director. He is a very hard-working personality. All his work paid him back very well. He earns a lot of money from his career. It is estimated that Rainn Wilson net worth is fourteen million US dollars.

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Rainn Wilson net worth is believed to be around $14 million. Wilson is earning money acting as a producer and actor. His annual earnings are $1 million at the time of 2022.