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Focus on children who need to catch up with their classmates on Islamic knowledge or just learn about Islam at the beginning level of their childhood. Our Quran Teacher for Kids – Full Track course is an all-in-one Quran course for children. With the help of your teacher, course materials, and online practice tools, you can help your child master the basics of Islam and enjoy the Qur’an even more than ever before! This course also includes a lesson plan booklet that breaks down the year-long program into an easy-to-follow schedule that helps keep you and your child organized throughout the year.

What is included in Quran Teacher For Kids

Weekly Lesson Plans Video Instructions Student Workbook (Full Download) Teacher Guide (Full Download) Audio Quran Lessons (Downloadable MP3s) Quran Teacher is an all-in-one Quranic Arabic language course for children. Designed by one of our seasoned Arabic teachers, Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, each class focuses on a particular skill set and comes with detailed instructions and corresponding worksheets. You can download class sessions online files to play in your own home or car. Each lesson begins with a short five-minute video introducing important concepts that will be covered in that week’s class.

About the teaching style

Quran teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are charismatic, and others less so. Some teach kids one-on-one, while others use group teaching methods. With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? If a teacher’s style doesn’t mesh with yours, there’s no point to trying to learn Quran with them! Before committing to any teacher, ask questions about their approach: What’s your teaching style like? How much time will my child spend doing exercises? Do you encourage rote memorization or do you focus more on understanding? There are no set answers here; ultimately, it depends on your child’s personality as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Why you should choose our program

Our Quran teacher for kids program is one of our most popular series. If your child wants to learn how to read, write and memorize verses from Islam’s holy book, then it’s worth a closer look. This course is designed for young students in grades K-5, but older students can use it as well. It’s even suitable for homeschoolers who want to teach their child about the Quran. Whether you’re looking for a quick start guide or a comprehensive Arabic learning experience, here are four reasons why choosing our full-track Quran teacher program is a good idea

What makes us different

What makes our Quran Teacher course unique is that you will always have access to your teacher throughout all stages of your learning. Our teachers aren’t just there to teach you how to read, they are also there to ensure that your learning style and pace are matched with all of our resources, ensuring you’re always making progress and staying motivated! If a parent is looking for a meaningful Quran study experience for their child, then look no further than Quratulain Online. Your child will be able to learn about Islam and themselves as they set goals in an age-appropriate way. We do not just want our students to be memorizers who can recite from memory; we want them to build foundations in critical thinking and communication skills.

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