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The most important thing when shopping for purple Diamonds is quality. Look for photos with a high resolution and lighting that showcases their true colour and brilliance. James Allen’s Leibish & Co. offers customers a curated selection of high-quality purple diamonds, so you can easily find what you’re looking for from a vendor with expertise in one of a kind gems like these! James Allen is also a great option because its experts will help you find your perfect gem from start to finish. Shop wedding bands now. An engagement ring should reflect your style, taste, personality, and relationship—all in one package! A round diamond solitaire on its own might not be your cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean it’s not everyone else’s!

What is Purple Diamond?

Purple diamonds are fancy colour diamonds with a purple or violet hue. Purple diamonds are different from colorless diamonds in that they have a noticeable hue. Colourless diamonds are graded on a color scale from D to Z, while purple diamonds are not. Origin of Purple Diamond’s Color Similar to other fancy colored diamonds, the origin of the purple diamond’s colour is from the inclusion of elements like boron, vanadium and nitrogen which deposit in trace amounts within the diamond’s crystalline structure during the formation process.

Origin of Purple Diamond’s Color

Purple diamonds, also known as Fancy Color Diamonds, occur due to an impurity in the diamond’s chemical composition. In fact, purple diamonds are not a variety of colored diamonds at all but rather a type of fancy color diamond. Similar to other Fancy Color Diamonds, an impurity likely exists in the composition purple diamonds and causes them to have their unique hue. Common contaminants like boron or nitrogen sometimes cause blue-purple tones in diamonds; however, the specific chemical makeup of purple stones is unknown.

Where Can I See The Purple Diamond?

One of your first questions will be Where can I see a Purple Diamond? You may have seen it already in engagement rings, earrings or other jewelry. The next question would be, Where can I get my own Purple Diamond Engagement Ring? The answer is that you can get it online or any certified jeweler.

Ring Design Tips For Purple Diamond Engagement Rings

Purple diamonds are fancy color diamonds with a purple or violet hue. Purple diamonds are different from colorless diamonds in that they have a noticeable hue. Colorless diamonds are graded on a color scale from D to Z, while purple diamond are not . Color is often an important part of what makes up our identity, and it plays a vital role in determining how we perceive beauty. For example, some people prefer blonds while others prefer brunettes; some find beauty in green eyes while others gravitate towards blue eyes.

Are purple diamonds natural?

Purple diamonds are natural diamonds that form 100 miles beneath the Earth’s surface over millions of years. It is not clear how or why they take on their rich hues, but theories suggest that boron may play a role. No matter the cause, if you’re looking for a truly unique diamond set in an unforgettable ring, you can’t go wrong with an amethyst-hued diamond. Be sure to speak with a jeweler about the different types of Purple Diamonds and what makes them so sought after.

Purple Diamond’s Intensity Levels

Fancy color diamonds are graded based on their hue and saturation levels. Fancy color diamonds are generally separated into three main groups: fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Colors commonly seen in fancy diamonds include yellow, orange, green, blue, red and brown diamonds. Intensity levels follow a specific GIA grading scale: Fancy Light; Fancy; Fancy Intense; Fancy Vivid. An F will appear before any intensity level (such as Faint). For example, in order of intensity we have: Faint Pink Diamonds : Very light pinkish-red in color. These diamonds are very difficult to detect when set in jewelry. Sometimes they may be confused for a faint yellow diamond because they look similar under certain light conditions.

Purple Diamond’s Rarity and Prices

Like all color diamonds, purple diamonds are rare. The majority of fancy color diamonds on Earth today were formed under great pressure and heat deep within the Earth’s mantle, and then brought to surface via tectonic shifts over millions of years. Because purple diamonds are less common than other colors (like blue or pink), they are more valuable per carat. For example, a 1-carat colorless diamond will typically cost about $10,000; however, that same size of a purple diamond may cost upwards of $100,000. Of course, like any other luxury product – what you pay is often determined by branding and overall appearance as well as rarity.

Purple Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Similar to other fancy color diamonds, a purple diamond can be difficult to match in terms of hue and saturation, which means it will likely turn heads no matter what ring setting it’s in. It’s typically best to avoid yellow gold settings for purple diamond engagement rings, since they are likely to clash. In addition, you can play up your ring’s design by opting for a setting that puts more of an emphasis on height or width instead of weight—this creates optical illusion and will draw attention away from its heaviness and instead make it appear larger than life. To optimize your own experience shopping for a purple diamond ring setting, we recommend finding reputable online stores like the Blue Nile or Whiteflash where you can get expert help as you shop for your ring setting.

What Are Purple Diamonds Called?

Purple diamonds are rare and unique and are special alternatives to the colourless diamond. These precious stones aren’t like other coloured diamonds, in that they don’t come in different color grades, such as G or Z. Rather, each diamond has its own unique hue and saturation. And unlike some fancy color diamonds which are low grade due to their lack of clarity or purity of color (which is usually caused by brown tinting), even low-grade purple diamonds tend to have higher clarity than a typical white diamond of the same cut, making them truly unique jewels worth admiring.

Why Buy Purple Diamonds?

When looking for fancy color diamond engagement rings, there are a few factors you want to keep in mind. Purple Diamonds can go a long way toward elevating your unique ring and making it special—but they’re not for everyone. What Are Purple Diamonds? Purple diamonds, sometimes called violet diamonds, are fancy color diamonds with a purplish hue. Origin of Purple Diamonds’ Color Similar to other colored diamonds, or diamond varieties that lack color in their natural state, purple or violet diamonds appear that way because of how they were formed during crystallization.

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