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Procore price starts from $375 per month, but this feature is only for rich construction management because they can quickly deal with such complex projects and can find out the solution with the help of customer support. We must understand that each client’s business is different. Similarly, each client’s pricing will also be different. Pricing depends upon the amount of construction you have. If you run more projects through procure, the more value you will get from the customers and will save cost, efficiencies, and product quality. Procore improves the tools used in construction and encourages you to purchase only the products you need. Read more to know about PROCORE PRICING MODEL.


Unrivaled support

Customer support managers are available to support the tools for better progress. When you are starting a small company in the industry, you have supportive characters behind you. And industry-leading support is free of cost with procure.

Unlimited data storage

Large construction projects are although complex. Documents, large files, and images downloading these files are compulsory and need a lot of space. Every project has special needs and tasks. Data storage is free, fixed, and manageable. So you can upload your project and can share it with teams.

How to sell products?

Other companies punish you when they make unexpected changes in your jobs. When you have a special project, you will require additional licenses and the best workers. When more workers are, added storage will also increase. As a result, your investment will increase, and the software will be updated.

Procore is a unique software platform in the construction industry. It improves the quality of products and ensures you that procore pricing will save you money and give you the best results.

Price Range for Construction Software

 The majority of construction software on the market are priced per user, per month, though the terms can be changed to fit an organization’s needs. There are three price ranges for construction software: from zero to twenty dollars, from twenty dollars to one hundred dollars, and from one hundred dollars and up. For instance, FINALCAD charges $55 per user per month, EZOffice Inventory charges $35 per user per month, and Adoddle charges approximately $25 per user per month.In the meantime, some construction software has annual pricing, while others have perpetual licenses that can be purchased for a one-time fee.

Construction Online, for instance, costs $2,400 annually, while Contactors Office costs approximately $700 annually. Additionally, vendors of construction software adjust their prices to accommodate various business sizes, while others cater specifically to particular business sizes.

Small businesses:

A construction software product typically costs between $5 and $15 for small businesses. On the websites of some vendors, this price range corresponds to the basic offerings for small businesses. For instance, Pay Painter costs $29 per month for two user accounts, while Open Project BIM Edition costs about $5 per user per month, Site Diary costs $10 per user per month, and so on.

Medium-sized businesses:

Business software typically costs between $20 and $45 for medium-sized businesses. The cost of this software can also be affected by the number of users included in each package. Praesto AE, for instance, costs $35 per month, Brick Control costs $29 per user per month, and Pruvan costs about $35 per month.

Large businesses:

Construction software costs large businesses between $120 and $350 and between $350 and $1,500 per month. However, many vendors do not disclose their prices because they would rather know what a large organization needs before deciding on a price. More than one user account is typically included in the offering for large businesses at times. For instance, improvement 360 costs approximately $150 per month, Onware costs approximately $500 per month, and Aidi costs $1,200 per month for an unlimited number of users and projects.


Procore is a program that allows us to house all of our project documents. The following are the benefits of procore pricing:

Increased transparency:

Procore is online therefore all the team members have an approach to real-time project information. As a result, everyone is on the same page from the first meeting through the complexity of the project.

Better teamwork:

When all the team members work together, it is a pleasure for all of them to work and get the best results and the outcome is also good.


We have discussed PROCORE PRICING MODEL in detail. Procore is easy to use and can be implemented within weeks. Procore also offers unlimited user access, simple pricing, superior technology, instant access to project data, and no hidden costs. As a procore customer, you can get free implementation, training, and support. Procore is easy to use, and implementation can be done in only a few weeks.

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What is the price of procore?

Procore price starts from $375 per month, but this feature is only for rich construction management because they can quickly deal with such complex projects.

What type of system is procore pricing?

Procore is a unique software platform in the construction industry.