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Pinterest will soon be expanding Idea Pins — previously buymalaysianfollowers called Story Pins — to all accounts of businesses across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

According to Pinterest the new feature lets anyone “create engaging content and communicate with their audience and build more active communities right through Pinterest.”

Are you ready to begin experimenting with Pinterest Ideas Pins?

 Here’s everything you should be aware of:

What is Pinterest Idea Pins?

Idea Pinterest is the latest method of users sharing exciting multimedia stories with their viewers on Pinterest.

The feature was initially released to a small number of artists (including Coco Bassey, Camille Styles along with Unconventional Southern Belle) back in September of 2020. At the time the feature was referred to under the title “Story Pinterests.”

“Over the last seven months, we’ve been listening to our creators as well as Pinners and redesigned the service to incorporate new features and capabilities,” Pinterest shared in an announcement.

“The title Idea Pins encaptures what makes this Pin format for creators unique in terms of inspiration and ideas. Idea Pins provide creators with all the necessary elements to create their own story.”The feature lets users upload more than 20 video pages or other content which will show on mobile devices in full-screen display (similar similar to Instagram Stories).

Users can also enrich their Idea Pins using a variety of innovative editing tools that are available in the app which include:


Music selection

Detail pages to provide ingredients or instructions

People who tag and stickers

Topic tagging for extra discoverability

“Ghost” modes tools for transition

In contrast to Instagram Stories however, Idea Pins do not expire after 24 hours. Once they’ve been created, they’re always available for discovery.

You can also transfer your Idea Pins, so they are able to be shared with anyone across other social media platforms like Pinterest.

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How will Idea Pins change the experience on Pinterest?

Idea Pins represent a huge change towards video content that is interactive and is a major shift for an app that is mostly known as a discovery and search platform.

As per Pinterest, Idea Pins will be featured at the top of the app’s experience.”Pinners who are located in their home countries of the UK,

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will receive Ideas Pins from the creators that they follow right on top of their feeds,” they shared.

“We’re showing Idea Pins in more places like search for on the Today Tab and the top of profiles of creators.”

This will likely transform the way that users interact with this app. It will also put a more intense concentration on the creators and their communities.

“We believe that the best inspiration comes from those who are motivated by their passions and desire to spread positivity and inspiration to this world.” added Evan Sharp co-founder, chief design officer, and Creative Officer at Pinterest.

“By helping users through Pinterest inspire creativity, experiment Click Here with new things, increase confidence and become their own person, we believe that creators can truly help us in our goal of inspiring people to live a life you enjoy.”

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