Best Parental Control App List for iPhone and Android Users Of 2022

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According to research, nearly ten years ago, the rate of children using mobiles under age was higher than expected 75% of kids used the mobile phone at that time. No, imagine how much higher those stats will be now in 2023 after so many years. The last few years have seen the peak of the internet, digital platforms, social media, instant messaging, and much more. All of these can be considered contributing agents in the high usage of smart gadgets in minor kids and teenagers. Now that is not a good sign. Kids are more private and hide things from adults. There is no guarantee that you know everything about the kid. To make sure your kid is in good company and is safe technology offers spy apps and monitoring software that allows the user to know about the real-life stuff of the kid through their gadgets.

The use of parental control apps is an easy way to be an insider in your kid’s life. However, the selection of the best app can be a big deal for some as we are picky. Yes for all of the picky parents out there just like me who want to choose the nothing but best, here are some of the best parental control app list that offers monitoring features for kids.

1) TheOneSpy:

TheOnespy is the best parental control app that offers services for iPhone and Android. The list of parental control features is huge, and it can be one of the prime choices for parents who want an efficient app on a reasonable budget.

1) OgyMogy

On top of the list of best parental control apps list is OgyMogy. The app offers a different version for Android, Mac, and Windows. One of the best parts about using this app is that parents can single-handedly manage all the smart gadgets in possession of their teenagers without any worry. Three different kinds of bundle deals make it easy to choose accordingly. As OgyMogy doesn’t force the user to only subscribe to the annual plan. There are monthly, seasonal as well as and yearly plans. All the features, including basic and advanced, are offered in all types of bundles. The customer care support and ability to renew the license remotely make OgyMogy one of the best parental control apps because of the services and features.

3) Securekin:

 If you are in search of an app to wisely manage the screen time of kids, then our pact can be a prime choice. They offer a free bundle offer, but it does not offer many of the advanced features. You can use the app to make the kid’s screen time for entertainment or educational purposes. The app also allows the user to block texting power to the kids. That means no more late-night texting for teenagers. One of the biggest draws back is that only limited features are available for the free version. Similarly, the app does not offer call or text monitoring.

4) Norton Family :

Norton Family is the best app for those who require an app that offers a relatively budget-friendly deal. The app offers features for both android and iPhone services. They offer 30 days free trial period to the users. So if you are not satisfied with the service or feature, then you can simply choose another app. The app also allows the user to block website content. One of the major drawbacks of using the Norton Family app is that you are bound to get an annual subscription as they don’t offer a monthly deal. Another one is that for social media monitoring, you have to think about another solution. A step app does not offer such a feature.


Canopy is a parental control app that can be used by iPhone or Android users. The app allows the parents to keep a check on the photos to stop adult content sharing. One can track the kid in real time with this app. The drawback of using this app is that parents cant manage the screen time of their kids. Moreover, the app does not allow the user to block the app installation in the kid’

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