Meditech EHR

Meditech EHR is one of the leading electronic health record systems (EHRs) in the United States. It is a privately held software and service company based in Massachusetts that develops information systems for medical organizations. Its features include web-based design, voice-activated functionality, and the Expanse Virtual Assistant. Moreover, Meditech EHR is one of the least expensive EHRs on the market. Moreover, it is able to integrate with other EHR systems to create a seamless workflow.

Expanse Virtual Assistant

Expanse Virtual Assistant is a revolutionary new tool that will help physicians perform routine tasks in the EHR. The technology is built on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It speaks the physician’s preferred language and can learn complicated medical terminology. It can also perform important tasks such as searching for radiology images. This software allows physicians to focus on patient care and engage patients more directly.

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The Expanse Virtual Assistant for Meditech provides an integrated EHR solution that includes a mobile app. It lets physicians retrieve and review patient charts on the go, even without touching the device. The solution also decreases administrative burden. It is accessible from anywhere and is completely secure.

Web-based design

Google Health has announced a collaboration with Meditech in the area of EHR web-based design. The two companies are developing a fully integrated solution that combines the company’s Expanse EHR with Google Health’s Care Studio. The collaboration is the first between the two companies.

Meditech is an EHR provider with 17% of the acute care hospital EHR market. Its mobile web EHR emphasizes mobility, ease of use and interoperability. Its interface is mobile-friendly and works on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is designed to integrate with other EHR systems and can be used on any device. Although the design is sleek, it’s lacking some features. The software’s charting features are limited and lack features such as auto-populate presets.

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The company also offers services focused on quality improvement. Its Specialty Services team consists of nurses, physicians and project managers that guide organizations through the entire implementation process. Its consultants provide workflow prototypes and help with change management.

Voice-activated functionality

Voice-activated functionality in Meditech’s EHR will enable clinicians to easily and quickly navigate the web-based EHR system using voice commands. Meditech has partnered with Nuance to create an assistant that picks up sophisticated dialogue and allows users to navigate the system hands-free. According to Meditech, the technology will dramatically increase efficiency and improve the patient experience.

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Voice-activated functionality can greatly reduce the amount of time clinicians spend on documenting patient information. The process of documenting patient information can take as much as 90 seconds, so the increased efficiency of voice recognition can save healthcare providers hundreds of hours a year. This time could be spent on improving patient care or researching new methods of treatment.


The cost of a Meditech EHR system varies from practice to practice. However, a typical practice with three doctors can expect to spend at least $8,400 on a system. This cost will include system costs, data migration, and support fees. In some cases, the cost can be lower, but still in excess of $10,000 a year.

Meditech EHRs include many features and applications. Among these features is the “surveillance status board,” which allows for real-time monitoring of patients. These capabilities enable healthcare providers to monitor and intervene if necessary to protect patient safety. The software also enables providers to make timely decisions via ordering protocols, and provides smooth transitions to the next level of care. Another feature is the universal discharge routine, which provides a single location for discharge instructions and medication reconciliation. It also comes with a call-back feature, which prevents gaps in care between the time patients are discharged and their families receive their care.

Implementation options

Implementing a new EHR system can be a complex process. The cost and timeline can vary widely. Also, the first step is to identify the scope of the project. The scope should be based on resources and timeline. The next step is to determine what optimization items will be needed post-live. Therefore, it is important to consider these optimization items since they can impact the end-user experience.

Implementation services can be done in-house by the hospital staff or through a consulting firm. MEDITECH certified firms can assist customers with the implementation process. For example, the island hospital chose Engage. The company has more than 200 employees who are experienced in MEDITECH implementation. Also, engage provided the hospital with clinical, financial, and project management guidance.

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