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Owning a MacBook is like a dream for many as it can be out of your budget and can put a big dent on your credit card if you wish to buy with a single transaction. Apple is the most trusted and popular electronics band, especially with laptops like Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Most individuals opt for MacBook Air EMI to make it more affordable, as you need a lesser down payment to make a purchase. 

Buying a MacBook on EMI with a credit card is an easy task if you have a high credit limit and can manage other expenses without any hassles. But what about people who wish to buy a MacBook without using their credit card and still want to enjoy the advantages of MacBook Air EMI. Here are the best possible ways to achieve this endeavor without using credit cards.

Best Possible ways to buy MacBook without Credit Card

– Personal Loan 

One of the ideal ways to buy a MacBook without a credit card is to apply for a personal loan of a smaller amount. It will not only help you buy the laptop with MacBook Air EMI but also improve your credit scores. The amount approved can go up to Rs 2,00, 000 which is more than enough to buy a MacBook Air laptop. Moreover, the interest is less compared to when you buy the product with credit card EMI.

– Using various EMI Applications

Apart from a personal loan, there are numerous online applications that can convert your current purchase into a MacBook Air EMI that you can repay in a specific time interval. These applications provide instant credits whenever required and can help you buy products online and offline. The requirements to avail of this facility are your bank account details, ID proof, and salary details. The EMI applications offer shopping facilities directly through their app and auto-debits the EMI every month. However, it is advised to verify the authenticity of the applications before using their services.

– No Credit Card EMI by Online Websites

Many online shopping websites, like Amazon, Meesho, and Flipkart, have come with options of buying products in installments using debit cards. It is made possible due to their collaboration with lending institutions which will make a unique transaction option for such purchases. But this option only works for pre-approved customers who have kept a good relationship with their banks by maintaining account balance, paying loan EMI’s in time, and maintaining excellent credit scores. The debit card transactions for getting MacBook Air EMI are not influenced by related partners. The minimum transaction amount depends on the bank type. 

Some banks also offer quick financial assistance for durables such as iPhones and MacBooks by asking you to fill out a small online form on their website. Make sure you look for the latest offers available on your card type and proceed accordingly.

It used to be very hectic to apply for MacBook Air EMI without a credit card due to a lack of good financial resources. But with the above option, you can easily buy a MacBook Air without credit cards and also pay a lesser interest creating a win-win situation.

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