Lost Your Credit Card in India? Here’s What You Can Do

Credit Card in India

A credit card is just a small piece of plastic anyone can lose, but it turns out to be a big issue if your money is on the board. It’s not a big deal to lose a Credit Card in India. Still, it would help if you took some specific majors before and after losing it to save yourself from unwanted transactions, data/privacy leaks or any other inconvenience.

Majors You Can Take Before Losing it

Choose the Best Credit Card in India

When it comes to credit cards, the only way to maximise the benefits is to choose a card that matches your lifestyle and spending habits. However, the Best Credit Card for you would be the one that matches your needs. Also, while choosing the best credit card in India, ensure it has better backup options in case you lose it.

Update Your Location

Notify your bank if you change addresses or relocate to a new city. This ensures that your credit card statements and related documents are delivered to your new address and are in the right hands.

Set Geographical Limits

Nowadays, Credit Card apps also allow you to set geographical limits meaning you can only use it within the limit.

Now, What to do if you’ve already lost it?

As soon as you notice you’ve lost your Credit card, you quickly panic, which may worsen the issue if you don’t handle your emotions well.

Here are the steps you should take immediately after losing the card:

Don’t Panic

Panicking will only lead to more confusion and tension. Take a deep breath and remember when, where and how you must have lost it.

Retrace your steps

Try returning to where you last used the card to determine if it was misplaced.

Credit card apps may allow you to lock the card while it is out of your control. A locked card will give you a greater sense of calm while you search for it.

Inform Your Close Ones

Not having your card around and being out of cash may be a big issue, especially travelling. It would help if you informed any of your family members or trusted friends to get out of the situation as soon as possible quickly.

Block the card through the Credit Card app

Once you see that your card is gone, lock it using the Credit Card app to prevent it from being misused. You must keep a close eye on the card statement until the card is blocked or frozen.

Contact your card issuer

Find your issuer’s phone number on your credit card statements, or use the credit card app to chat with a representative. This step is required to close your card account and obtain a replacement credit card.

Verify any recent charges

The representative will likely review your recent charges to determine which ones are legitimate. Sincerity is important: Any legitimate charges reported as unauthorised would be considered fraud and violate the terms of your card agreement.

Keep an eye out for unauthorised statements

Even if you report the loss of your credit card to your bank, you must keep a close eye on your credit card statement. If you suspect a suspicious transaction, contact your bank immediately and file a complaint.

What next?

After you report your card missing and block it, your card issuer will investigate and take steps to replace it. Your account will not be terminated, which is good news.

In such cases, your card issuer should cancel the old card and issue you a new one.

It’s critical to remember that as long as you pay off any amounts owed, your credit score will not be affected. Losing your credit card is a stressful experience, but quick action can prevent your finances from suffering due to unauthorised purchases.


Losing a Credit Card can be upsetting but taking some majors before and after losing it can save you from inconveniences. If you report the loss of your credit card immediately, you will not have to deal with the repayment of unauthorised transactions. If your credit card has already been lost or stolen, do not panic; instead, follow the steps outlined above to ensure that the card is not misused and that you are not liable for unauthorised charges. If you have a credit card app on your phone, you can also use that to make payments until you receive your new card.

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